Achilles Pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hayyjayy, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. hayyjayy

    hayyjayy New Member

    Hi everyone. I've only posted a few times, but have been a lurking member for over a year now, I think.

    I am wondering how many of you suffer from Achilles Tendonitis? I have it so bad right now. I think it's the heat, but my Achille's is so swollen and I can barely walk - first thing in the morning or later afternoon is worse for me.

    And why o why am I getting new pains?I haven't even successfully dealt with the first ones! Now my shoulder is aching.

    Also, my pain seems to be unilateral, whereas I thought that fibro was more of an even bilateral thing?

    Thanks for reading,

    Heather in Canada
  2. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I am having a terrible time with mine now.
    I can hardly walk or stand, for any amount of time.

    I soak my feet in Warm almost Hot water, Epsom is good for this soak.
    I wear socks, that go above the ankles, even in the summer when this pain sets in.

    Can you "Crack" your ankles? Mine make a really loud sound, lol, Get some weird looks, when I have to do that in Public. LOL.

    I have to watch the type of surfaces also.
    When my DH & I were doing Fair show's, he is a SOund Engineer, and I would take the Photo's. Well after a weekend of that, my Ankles, and the Tendion especially would be so swollen, I had to wear sandles, that are a half size larger.
    I keep them for these kinds of day's.

    Have you seen the movie 'Troy"? I watched, it and when that arrow, went through his tendion I actually hollered.
    Scared the DH, lol.

    We get new pains all the time, it seems.

    Have you seen a Dr? for this, you should just to make them aware that you do have another area, that is Painful to you.
    I have OT and Arthritis, in my feet to, ick!

    Hope you find some relief for the pain.
  3. Logand

    Logand New Member

    I have really bad Achilles pain and tightness, especially in the morning and when I have been sitting for a while. It is always there.

    I can't walk straight down stairs anymore because of it. I have to step down on one step and then bring my other foot next to it one stair at a time all the way down. I call it my two-step shuffle.

    First thing in the morning and after resting I also shuffle to walk. I can't bend my ankles.

    I told the doctor about it, and he just blamed it on fibromyalgia. I think that's a convenient excuse for them. Anything wrong with you? Blame it on the fibro (being sarcastic).

  4. cbs1234

    cbs1234 New Member

    Did any of you with bad achilles pain ever take a fluoroquinolone antibiotic--levaquin, cipro, avelox, tequin, etc. They are known for causing horrible and long lasting achilles (and other tendon) problems including rupture.
  5. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    I had tendonitis of the achilles tendon for more than 12 years. Some spells quite crippling. I found the cherry juice keeps it at bay. Look for threads about the tart cherry juice concentrate. Its been discussed plenty. Truly was the only thing that helped me.
  6. Frustratedandtired

    Frustratedandtired New Member

    I have had pain there but no swelling yet. One of the things that prompted me to get to the bottom of where all this pain was coming from. Also, the pads of my feet hurt really bad sometimes. Usually if I wear really cushiony, flexible shoes it helps with both.
  7. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member

    Dear HayyJayy:

    I have suffered from severe tendonitis in both achilles tendons for many, many years. I actually develop nodules that grow to about the size of a small grape. These have baffled many doctors for many years. Eventually when the pain goes away, the nodules shrink to the size of a pea. The stretching is the only thing that works for me. You can either buy a fancy little device you can stretch with or just put your hands against a wall and stretch ONE leg at a time. DO NOT BOUNCE. Just increase the slant until you feel the tightness, or pain. Keep it there for as long as you can stand it, or a minute or two and then switch sides. If you do this many times during the day, you will be surprised when you have less pain, and then no pain.

    As far as FMS pain being bi-lateral. I was "tested" for FMS about 15 years ago...and since I had a much greater degree of pain on the right side than the left side, I was told that it was NOT FMS. I have a high tolerance for pain, but after a bad car accident when my neck was hurt (again) I developed more of the increased level of pain on both sides. The right side is still much more painful/sensitive. I was told that FMS affects different people differently, and since the criteria for diagnosis is a certain number of sensitive tenderpoints, if more are on one side than the other, you can still have FMS. This has always made me think that there is much more neurological connections with FMS than many professionals believe there is.

    I also have much more problems with my right side in general. Only side that I have broken anything on. Only side that I get sciatic electrical pain/zaps on, only side that I ever seem to have problems with. Even my headaches, sinus headaches, and almost always on my right side. Strange...

    Hope that sure to discuss both your achille's problems and your pain with your doctor. There might be other reasons in your case.

    Good luck.

  8. hayyjayy

    hayyjayy New Member

    I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. Well, not glad that you all are hurting, but ya know what I mean.

    The other problem I am having is, of course, a stubborn doctor. HE was the one who diagnosed me with fibro, and I initially thought YEAH! finally someone who knows something about what I'm going through.

    For three years, I have been on Tylenol 3 and it doesn't work for me anymore. Either I have become tolerant to it, or my pain is worse. I think it's a combo of the two. I make myself take time off of it, so that a) I dont' become addicted and b) my tolerance does not increase as fast.

    Now I'm faced with having to ask my doc for stronger meds. He is, of course, adverse to that. I have taken Percocet before from a friend who suffers myofaciitis, and I was ALMOST pain free. I dont think the doc will go for that. The last time I saw him, he was talking Botox injections. I asked to be referred to a pain specialist. MAN it is like talking to a brick wall!!!!!!!!

    Oh and to boot, he thinks that if I change my diet, it will go away. Well I HAVE changed my diet, lost 14 lbs and STILL feel this way -- worse, in fact!

    Any suggestions on what to say to this man? Any of you have success asking for stronger meds?

    Thanks. I love this place.
  9. hayyjayy

    hayyjayy New Member

    One more thing on the Achilles... I also have plantar fasciitis on the other foot. UGH, but both of my feet are so hot all of the time. And occasionally, on the Achilles affected foot, I feel a tremendous heat on the heel. It feels as though I've submerged my foot partially in nice warm water. I think that sounds like a nerve issue.
  10. Banka8

    Banka8 New Member

    I just wanted to tell everyone my experience with the Marshall Protocol and my Achilles pain.

    About a year and half ago I spent 3 days trying to trim the bushes in my front yard. I have CFS so I was taking it slow and resting. In order to trim the bushes I had to stretch and reach up. By the third day I woke up my feet were sore and stiff and the Achilles tendons were swollen. These symptoms lasted a least seven months until I started the Marshall Protocol. The MP started to relieve the pain and swelling within a couple of weeks.

    My GP was very impressed. I'm so lucky to have found such and open mined intelligent caring doctor.


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