Aching Feet?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dagwood51, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. Dagwood51

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    Hi!! I'm new on the board and I have a question for anyone out there with aching feet and fibromyalgia? In the past I have always worn Doc Marten shoes and experienced no trouble but lately the bottoms of my feet are just killing me. I have seen advertised on the web "Earth shoes" which imitate putting your feet in the yoga position and I was just wondering if anyone else had tried these shoes and had any success with them. The price is kind of steep - about $100 but if it works its well worth it. I am on my feet kind a large part of the day. Thanks
  2. Takesha

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    do the bottoms of your feet feel "stone bruised?" My feet always felt bruised on the bottom, until I started on my meds (amitriptylne). Now they don't bother me at all unless I skip the meds. I tried everything when they did hurt and nothing seemed to work. I hope someone else comes a along an answers. Sorry I am not more helpful.
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    I try shoes on at the store and walk in them for a half hour before buying to see if they are comfy. These are for me. They are around $60.00 a pair. I also get those slip on one at T.J. Max and get the ones with lots of rubber foam on the soals. I wear them around the store to see if they are comfy to before buying. I get ones that have toe wiggle room. I don't know about the shoes you mentioned but, hay, your feet have all our weight on them and comfort is important. I also went to a Podiatrist for the first time last month and ended up with surgeries for bone spurs and 2 cysts in the bones and next sugery to get out arthritis. I had been passing all the pain off as FMS. So, you may want to get this new pain checked out.

    Good luck, take care and welcome, Kim and Gary
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    I have achey & sometimes very painful feet. More left than right but perhaps that is due to the Plantar Fasciitis that was "discovered" by workers comp DRS. But then confirmed by my DR before I ever was diagnosed with the Fibromyalgia.

    A little leary myself of the thought of possible foot surgery. I hesitate because so many have had more problems after surgery than before. My old Dr sent me to a Rhumatologist for the foot. Heel injections helped for a little while.....but then I had to stop going and the condition has never cleared. But my Doc Martin Sandles are better than bare foot but not as good as my Rockport Pro Walkers with orthopedic medical insoles made from plaster foot casting forms from Physical Therapy.

    Now it is just another pain I live with.