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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Achyten, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Achyten

    Achyten New Member

    I was wondering if any of yous experience aching,, and pain in the legs...
    I have got this new problem about a year ago..
    It seems to get worse as the time goes by,, sometimes I have to use a cane ,,I fear getting worse, and ending up in a wheel chair.
    I use to be able to wear high heels when I dress up,,but not anymore... I just hate losing my feminity with this DD.
    It hurts my legs to wear pants that are the slighest bit tight,,, so have to wear pjs or long dresses,,skirts all the time. My feet hurt from Gout... and have to wear soft flat shoes..
    The pain moves from the top to bottom,,,when my shoulders and neck are really bad then I don't notice my legs as much,,but always in a flare somewhere.
    This pain in my legs is so bad I have to opiates to be able to walk.
    I do have RLS too,,but thats tingling in my legs. It almost feels like I have MS,, sure have a lot of symptoms anyway.
    I've been watching for a long time for this problem but never seem to come across pain in legs.
    Gentle Hugz,, Achyten
  2. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    Hi Achyten,
    I also have very painful legs. I experience pain in all of those 18 tender points, but my legs bug me the most. My hips will hurt, and my knees will "lock' or I'll get some sort of sudden hitch in a hip or some part of my leg. That I can usually deal with, but it's the constant burn and muscle fatigue in my upper legs that really bothers me. In fact, I'm in rage about my Fibro today!
    I'm sorry that I don't have anything encouraging to say about the leg pain. But, I will tell you this... I had to stop going to places like museums and the zoo with my children. My legs would just get too pianful and tired. BUT, I got myself a Zipperoo scooter and now I can do these outings again. I am so happy that I can do these things again and I feel so much better!!!
    (It does have it's own strangeness though... people judging you by your scooter chair, people not looking where they are walking and getting in your way, etc.)
    I also use a cane for short trips (A small parking lot farmer's market, etc.) And I always take shoppings carts to lean on, even if I only need one item.
    Somethings else very useful thata I keep in my car... I got a small tripod camping stool from Big 5 to have with me when there may be a line or waiting to do. (On the sidewalk outside popular restaurant, or in line for a movie). The stool is great, because my legs start to hurt if I'm standing still for more than 30 seconds or so. If there isn't a place to sit, I've got a seat with me. (I even used it recently at a burial ceremony. The family had seating, but everyone else was standing. I would not have been able to attend or last if I hadn't had my seat.
    Like you hear so many people say and read Fibro advice... it's about knowing your limits and honoring them.
    And as far as heels go. Find one or two pair really comfy heels and wear them to events where you won't need to stand or walk a lot. (Aerosoles are good.) Even if you do have a cane or scooter chair, try to put the cane behind you or get up out of the chair on your outing.
    I hope this helps...
  3. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    You mentioned that egg yolks are highly inflammatory. I don't eat lots of eggs, and in fact, my husband was complaining that he didn't think I was getting enough protein. So last night, I made myself a two-egg omelet.

    This morning, I woke up not being able to walk without holding on to something. During the night, I must have slept in a funny position and knocked my hip out of place or something. But on top of that, my thighs and lower back are just killing me.

    As the day went on (you should have seen me trying to get up and down from my drafting chair!), I couldn't help but think that the last time I had this much progression of pain so fast was when I tried bee pollen a few years back. So that set me to thinking about what I ate last night that is not in my usual diet. Couldn't really come up with anything...

    ...until you mentioned egg yolks!

    Ugh! I just hope tomorrow finds me improved -- I've got a 1 1/2-hour drive to a periodontist, then the same home. Not fun.
  4. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    I don't eat eggs, or anything with eggs in it, but boy, leg pain is my name.

    For the past three days, I'm coming off nicotine: the withdrawal, even with
    a 'patch' is horrendous. Diarrhea, stomach pains and my legs and hands
    are curling up into claws and tingling (in my feet, up to my knees).

    I do have peripheral neuropathy from unknown reason; I take gabapentin
    for it, and it is miraculous for me, for that...however, this horrible pain and
    cramping of hands and feet is beyond the pale.

    I take 50mg magnesium at bedtime, but wonder if more would help. I do
    take omega 3s and vit. D., and for some reason I can't remember, was
    told not to do flax or grapeseed....thyroid interference? Can't remember.

    This is really awful...I use a rolling pin on the calves and it helps a little
    bit, but I dread trying to sleep (even with heavy duty sleep meds), as
    that's when it really bothers me...lying still for a long period.

    Maybe pressure stockings would help us? i may get some while I'm out
    tomorrow. If they help, I'll let you know.

  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Hi there!
    If you're experiencing Fibro pain, you're probably not dealing with the inflammation that Jamin is speaking of since Fibro isn't inflammation.

    I can ABSOLUTELY TOTALLY relate to unrelently leg aches/pain. That is my worst symptom and almost a constant for me. Even when I can dull the pain with my pain medication, I always have an underlying ache.
    This whole Fibro process starting with me not being able to walk up a flight of stairs. Literally could NOT walk, had to crawl, dragging my self with my arms, then using my feet.

    For me, I also experience bad knee pain, but it will be one knee one day, than switch to another knee maybe a few days later (maybe). I rely heavily on my heating pad. The muscles in the back of my thighs also gives me a lot of pain, so when I'm home, I'm sitting on that thing!

    It's such a hard pain to describe. I've tried several time to tell my husband what it's like. A raw, deep aching, pain - to the bone. It almost feels like my bones have been beaten after my muscles have violently have been ripped off of them. Mine are also absolutely exhausted. To stand/walk on them is just too much sometimes - when that happens, I just don't. You just have to rest them. Doesn't do any good to stress them.

    The thing to remember is that there is no real harm being done to our bodies (our legs). We will have a tendency to favor them when we walk etc. which is a normal reaction when we think we've truly hurt a part of our bodies. That often causes another part of our bodies to be stressed (backs, necks etc.) because our posture change so much.

    I know what you mean about wearing the heels. I always wore cute suits, skirts etc. to work. They just don't look the same with flats. I do have one pair of super comfy shoes that have a heel, but they have a tiny platform to them so it doesn't feel like a heel. Those things are under my desk unless I have to see a client.

    REST those legs, try heat, if you need pain relief, use your meds. If you think something else is going on besides Fibro, talk w/your Dr.
    Most importantly, you're not alone. There are actually a lot of people here who have bad leg pain.

    ~Hugs to you!
  6. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My legs ache all the time. It is due to the arthritis in my hips and knees. The pain in those areas radiate down my legs and makes my entire legs hurt. Then my feet hurt from being swollen and from gout.
  7. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Sorry Jamin - I have Fibro, and not just a little bit. I have done lots of research and talked to a handful of Dr.'s who treat not only me, but many other Fibro patients. Fibro is not an inflammatory condition. In diagnosing Fibro, one of the first things they check for is inflammation to rule out Fibro, or diagnose co-existing conditions.

    That is why anti-inflammatories don't work well (except for the pain relieving qualities, ibuprofen etc.)

    As JLH said, that is not to say that many with Fibro have overlapping conditions, arthritis being one of them.
  8. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Your article is from 2002 and if you read through it, it states a lot of "may" this, may that, "some may" and trying to find a connection which hasn't been found. Also sounds like it is referencing a lot of other things ie food intolerences etc.

    I'm not interesting in debating this, just offering my knowledge with others who are asking about what to do about pain. There should not be any joint inflammation with Fibro. If one has joint inflammation they should visit their Dr. and find out what else could be going on. There's a good chance that they could get some treatment and relief.

    Like I said, I have had SEVERE pain in my knees (and hips) and they specifically checked for inflammation and other damage. Since I had none, that helped with the diagnosis of Fibro.
    As a matter of fact when I told my diagnosing rheumatologist that I was allergic to anti-inflammatories, he said it's okay, this is NOT an inflammatory condition, so it doesn't matter.

    I have Fibro - not just a little bit.

    Have a nice night.
  9. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    "It almost feels like my bones have been beaten after my muscles have violently have been ripped off of them" - good description Janalynn, I think I'll borrow that one!
    You also wrote in your post that we aren't really hurting or stressing our legs though we have this pain. Interesting. I never though of it, but it makes sense. How could I have strained my leg muscles if they hurt as soon as I get up in the morning and have only stood still for a minute!
    And you also helped a light go on in my head about the "protecting" of my legs and their aches. When you say to REST YOUR LEGS, it's not so much to avoid the pain that goes with pushing them, but to reserve our energy. If I run into a friend at the mall, I shouldn't stand there swaying back and forth in pain while we talk. I should sit down on a nearby bench or chair to have a conversation. Otherwise, I am focusing on my painful legs and it's zapping my attention from my friend and it's stressing me out which creates fatigue!

    So use the cane, use the scooter chair, sit down (or lay down)!
  10. jole

    jole Member

    Janalynn, your description also fits me perfectly.....only my pain is more in the front of my thighs, not the back. My thigh muscles knot up so badly if I press down on the top of my legs it's like running my hand over an old-fashioned wash board. And yes, this pain is deep and constant! I rub my thighs a lot without even being aware that I'm doing it.

    In my lower legs, it's more of a deep ache, which strangely sometimes feels better if I'm walking. Sitting or lying down doesn't seem to help it much. Some days my legs feel like they're made of terribly heavy and hard to lift; other days they feel like noodles, unable to control and nearly impossible to walk. But no matter what, always terribly weak.

    Mine also is more than a 'little bit' and I have never found any anti-inflammatory medications yet that has helped....not even with the pain. I sure wish it would ...sigh... Jole
  11. Achyten

    Achyten New Member

    I think now,, i'll quit thinking i might have MS..being as so many of us suffer from this pain in the legs.
    I"m certainly not happy that yous all are hurting in your legs, but it does make me feel a little less worried. No kidding,, the pain seems to go right to the bone,,and my pain killers only cover the worst of it,,, a lot of underlying hurt yet. My doctor upped my painkiller to 3 x a day now,, that is oxycontin.. I always try very hard to only take 2,,but sometimes I have to give in.

    I use the heat pad a lot, mostly on my thighs,,and when my back starts paining me I wrap my back with one of those Thermacare Heat Wraps.. they can be used on your hips too,, the small ones good for the wrist area, or any part that it can fit around. When I have to my floors I usually wrap my back with one. It's only heat, but it does help some.

    I can't think of anything new i'm eating to be causing this either,,,,, or drinking.
    My doctor has never put me on any anti-inflammatories, ever. I can't remember the last time i've taken any,, its been that long..even tho i do wonder if it would help me,,but doesn't sound like it.

    Today is pretty good day for me,, no cane,,, and so far only 2 painkillers...and its 4PM... this always make me happier... a few good days all the better for me...

    I"m really hoping that yous are managing to get in a good day here and there.. as well!!!
    Thankyou, thankyou, for all your help!!!

    Gentle hugz,, achyten

  12. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Jeramy - you sway back and forth too? I do that all the time! I'm constantly shifting my weight or something!

    Jole - funny you should say you rub your legs all the time. I had done it for years without being fully aware of it. Finally I had people comment on it. I would always rub (the front) of my thighs, a deep rub, up and down, sometimes over to my hip (I guess it would be your thigh bone?) Finally a Dr., before I was officially diagnosed made a comment to me.

    I also understand about needing to get up and walk. My husband doesn't understand when I'll all set up on the couch with heating pad/blankets etc. and I get up. I just have to get up and walk because the ache is too deep to lay through it.

    Oh and the cement ..YES, I know that feeling. I have to keep a toothbrush in our downstairs powder room because some days I just cannot make it up the stairs to brush my teeth.

    There's a lot of us in the same boat!
  13. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I hope you've found that you certainly are not alone! It sounds like you have a Dr. who is willing to help keep you as pain free as possible. You don't know how fortunate you are!

    If you need that 3rd one, take it. I've found that you almost have to stay on top of the pain. If you get too far behind it and end up chasing it, you'll never catch up.

    There's a reason why your Dr. never put you on any anti-inflammatories.

    I'm so glad that today was a pretty good day for you! Keep getting your rest, using your heat, having some good thoughts and finding comfort in knowing that there are many that are going through the same thing that you are.

    Here's to a good night's sleep!
  14. Jeramy

    Jeramy New Member

    OMG - I rub the front of my thighs, too! All the time.
    And I have to get up and walk, but only for a bit...then it's back down again.
    I recently had to reapply for permanent dismissal from Jury Duty. (I guess they lost my info from before.)
    They ask the limitations (Can't sit or stand for long periods. Extreme fatigue and needs to lay down to rest at any given time.)
    Then they ask what they can do to accomodate you. ROFL!!! I said nothing... unless you can provide a bed or couch, a heating pad, a bathroom within 10 feet, etc.

    They definitely don't want me around!
  15. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I always feel as though I have run a marathon and stopped running ..........BUT......even though I have been sitting down and trying to relax.... my legs carry on and on and on running...........the ache is horrendous!
    Cannot even explain to my hubby!


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