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    I just wondered if any of you feel achy(flu like)all the time whether you are in alot of pain or not? 90% of the time I'm in alot of pain but the 10% I'm not I still feel very achy.I live of Aleve. My doctor told me not to take them daily because they would bring on my migraines.But that does help for a little while. I am working full time and it is starting to get very hard to go all day I have learned to work with the pain.
    My second question is if any of you have this what do you take to help out? and Does any of you think it could be something more serious? we all get that worried feeling in the back of our heads every time something gets worse or a new symtoms accures.Just would like your input!

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    I would listen to your doctor with the Aleve, that is a very large amount to be taking.

    I don't take meds, what has helped me is the Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate), and I also take ZMA (zinc, magnesium and B-6) at night for sleep and pain, along with other supplements.

    Of course I don't work, but I have almost no pain, except for my back, but it is not disabling like it was a couple of years ago with the spasms. I have not had a serious flare in almost a year and a half now.

    When my pain got out of hand I took Advil gel caps, but no more than two in one day, and never more than 6 in a week! I also have IBS, and that would be like a time bomb in my stomach if I took any of the OTC pain pills in excess.

    As for that 'achy all over feeling', I do get like that sometimes too. I think it just goes with the FM, and I know those who have CFS almost live with that feeling.

    Hope you are feeling better soon, its hard to function when you are in pain, and that all over bad feeling.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Hi Shelle~~I ached all over constantly. I also have CFS, and work too. Sometimes I would wake up in the mornings and feel so emeshed in pain and so exhausted that it hurt to breathe--yet I since I am my sole financial support--I still had to drag myself to work, ache, ache, ache throughout the day, and so tired & weary that I thought the day would never end. I lived like that for 34 years.

    When the weekends rolled around, I was bedridden just so I could get up and do it all again the next week.

    No OTC meds, or herbs, or vitamins helped. I lived in a constant state of aching and exhaustion.

    It wasn't until last year when I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease that I was put on oxycontin, percocet, soma, and klonopin that I also found relief for my FM. I also have osteo & rheumatoid arthritis.

    I am not completely pain free, and I still feel fatigued alot--but I am nearly as in bad shape as I was before the narcotic pain management.

    I hope you find some relief. Best Wishes to you. Carol...