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    In the Fibro group,I didn't know there was 1.It takes me bout 20 minutes to get to Davis Highway......I guess I know what ya tawk about,lol......anything else ya want to tell me about it.I am very shy when it comes tobeing face 2 face nnow,I use to not be that way.It will take me pushinh myself to go,but i'm sure it would do me some good in understanding what my body an mind are going thru.Are there medically knowledgable ppl there,Do spouses go? jus a few ?'s 4 ya.Smoochezzzzz,Blond
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    4 Bumpin me up.........:)
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    I didn't forget ya....This DD really effects my hands...Some days I just can't type at all. I usually try to at least READ posts to try to stay up on things, but then my eyes/brain won't know the story...

    Anywho. it would be great to meet ya at a meeting. The next one is on Sept 23rd, that's next Tuesday. It's in the Rehab institute at the medical center clinic...6:30.
    The topic is Relaxation & Stress speaker, we just sit around and gabb. The meetings are sponsored my the Arthritis Foundation so it's not just a fly by night group....I don't have their ## handy, but it's in the phone book. If you call them they will send you newsletters about Fibro, medications, etc...
    Like I said before, we have some nice people come..and spouces can go too. We have a few hubbies that come even if the wife can't!! Give it a try, it's really helped me. So much so that I drive an hour to get there, and an hour home. I'm usually flat on my rump the next day, but it's worth it.

    Warm fuzzies

    If ya need anything, just hollar!!
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    Hun I missed ur reply and the meeting..........I know what U mean about the barin not workin.I would like to mayb we can work it out somehow where I can give U my e-mail an if U can REMEMBER(lol),U can send me a Meeting Reminder.I would love to meet U also an Hopefully after a few meeting I will Drag my husband in,he needs help understanding what I/WE go thru....Thanx again Smoochez,Blond

    We are right in the middle of a move so mayb by the next meeting I will be settled
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    I didn't remember the meeting until the next day! Really pitiful, I have it on my calendar and on my computer calendar! How pathetic. I really wanted to go to.

    Oh well, we'll shoot for next month. The topic will be alternative medicine. No speaker, just a sharing session.

    Yes, spouces can go...sometimes hubbys come when the wife can't. It's a really friendly, laid back group. No expectations, no commitment. We all are in the same boat.

    I'll try to remember to remind ya.
    Warm fuzzies