Achy legs ? is it part of CFS

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    I am new to this CFS. I have had achy legs and hips for about 1 month now. I find the more I do the more they hurt. At present I am taking just Tylenol for pain and it does not seem to work. Sleeping is terrible. Does anyone have suggestions on what to take and is this part of CFS. I am seeing a Internalist Doc. in July. I cannot wait to see exactly what is going on. Any adivce would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like your going through a rough time right now. You may have what are referred to as overlapping syndromes. Check into the FMS website as well and see if you can identify any of the "tender" or pressure points there are 18 total located from the neck down to the knees. Even if you don't have them everday or they "float" around you may want to chart them until you see your doctor in July. Also when you do go to the doctor bring the info and your daily charting with you. I don't know what the relationship with your doctor is however, I was very upfront with my internist about hos "take" on FMS. Many doctors don't recognize this syndrome without some educating from the patient. In the meantime you may want to try some supplements like Glucosamine or add Magnesium to your Vitamin regimen. I have also found the B vitamins to be helpful for me and if you drink caffeine try to decrease your intake it really does mess with your sleep of which you are not getting enough. Hope to hear you are feeling a bit better check out the many Fibromyalgia websites there is alot of really good info out there.

    Take Care

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    Hi, I wish I could help you out with what to do about it.
    Others here probably have suggestions.
    But I just wanted to say that my legs (and hips) also ache big time!
    My latest doctor who has specialized in FMS for 15 years says I either have FMS, or Cervical Spinal Cord Compression ( can't afford an MRI for verification on that one) or both. I do have adrenal insufficency for sure.
    I've been taking B-complex, calcium, magnesium (on and off)
    Vitamin C, E, A Multi, essential Fatty Acids, B12 for quite awhile. So I guess I rule those out as helping that symptom.
    Some days are better than others.
    I do stretch a lot. There are great stretches for the hips and legs. I think it would be a lot worse if I didn't stretch my whole body just about every day.
    Take Care,Ziggy
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    When my legs really ache (thankfully, not often!), nothing seems to help. Of course, I've only tried OTC meds.

    You *could* try Tylenol Arthritis (used to be Tylenol Extended Release, or whatever). Or that plus one Aleve.
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    Hi Lisa,

    I have had CFS for 2 years and am also bothered by aches and pains in my hips and legs. I spend much of my time in bed and just laying on one side will make my hips pain. I have not had relief with OTC meds. I take Zanaflex a nighttime for severe leg pains and Darvacet for both during the day.

    I find my pain is the worst when the rest of my symptoms are acting up.

    I have found walking and yoga has streghtened my legs and seems to have helped.

    Best of luck to you. Tulip
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    I was recently diagnosed with fibromylgia and I too have achy legs most of the time.MY doctor prescribed ultram which seems to help.I was taking elavil and it worked great but I started gaining weight YUCK so I've stopped and My doctor put me on trazadone I sleep pretty well now.Hope you get answers soon take care of yourself From Annette
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    are you anemic? this needs to be checked. This was the first sign of fms for me. I tried potassium, have you? this did not help me but has been a wonder for many.
    The only thing that helps my legs is oxycodone. Nuerontin is a good drug for this too. I could not tolerate the nuerontin..gave me a backache. After the acky legs (2yrs) this symptom turned into restless legs. What a major pain. good luck.
  8. Jen F

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    I have cfs and first time I posted on here was because my legs felt so heavy and I spent most of my time in bed or sitting, was so exhausted.

    since then my legs are a little better, but I find they are often a little sore and achy. I have a friend who massages them sometimes and I have a home massager. i don't think I have the extreme ache and extreme pain in legs that FMers do.

    so, possibly you have CFS, possibly you have Fm, or maybe something else is going on. But, when you say the more I do, the more they hurt, that does make me think about how with CFS lots of exercise makes us worse. It was one of the first things I tried when I was tired all the time. I mean, we all do need some exercise, but working out, doing aerobics 2 -3 times a week just made things worse for me. Have you been using your legs alot?

    Have you tried resting for 3 days?

    Hot epsom salt baths? lotsa epsom salt?

    Check up on the magnesium info.

    Try to have a healthy diet and take all sorts of what are they called...oh ya, antioxidants, C, E, maybe some pycnogenol, maybe some CoQ10, etc, stuff to get oxygen into your muscles and lactic acid out.

    And perhaps some massage on your legs and butt might help? It helps me.

    I hope your legs and hips feel better soon.

    You don't have pitting edema do you?
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    It's probably part of Fibro. It could be bursitus/tendonitous in addition. It would be a good idea if you could keep a journal of your symptoms, pain levels, and what you are doing to deal with the pain. This will really help if you take this to your doctor's visit.

    I find that sleeping with a lot of pillows for support help me at night. I even have one of those big U shaped pillows that is most helpful. Warm baths help some. Hang in there, I hope your doctor will be helpful.
  10. arts4you

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    Achey legs are a part of my FMS. I take 400 mg of Neurontin three times a day, and most days I can walk without my cane. Other days, nothing seems to help.