Acid vs. Alkaline foods(confused)!!It can be a quandry!!!!

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    There is a great deal on info.out there about this topic.It can be frustrating as so many lists differ.I have had to use some trial and error in my diet.But this is my compiled list of acid & alkaline foods.You can pick and choose to suit your tastes and health issues.These worked for me!

    Alkaline-soy beans(tofu),tempeh,miso which has fermented outside the body.Spinach,turnip tops beet tops, lima beans,almonds,carrots,dates,avocados,lemons,limes coconuts,celery,cucumbers,cauliflower,brussel sprouts asparagus,green beans,broccoli,green/red/yellow peppers,mustard,kale,okra,onions,parsley,artichoke,leafy greens,radishes,sprouts,winter aquash,olive oil, garlic,watercress,cabbage,dandelion tops,romaine,green leaf,boston,red leaf,oak leaf lettuces,brazil nuts,pumpkin,sunflower,sesame seeds,flax seed,millet,buckwheat.Rutabaga,rhubarb,chard,zucchini Sprouted seeds and grains become more alkaline as they grow.All veggie juices are alkaline as is wheat grass and barley grass.Apple cider vinegar once ingested becomes alkaline.Blackberries,strawberries, raspberries,melons,elderberry,blueberries necterines,plums.Sea vegetables like hiziki and wakame.Granny smith and pippin apples are more alkaline then gala,fugi,red and golden delicious.But I did eat all apples.Try to eat your fruit as ripe as possible.Red potatoes with the skins on them boiled are more alkaline than white potatoes.Still some debate on potatoes.I ate them and continue to eat red potatoes.Eat yams and sweet potatoes in moderation as these are more acid forming.

    Acid-Sprouted grains and legumes are much less acidic.But have some acid though minimal.Stored beans can become moldy and contain mycotoxins.Eat fresh preferably sprouted organic grains in moderation as they are acid forming.Corn,rye,amaranth,rice,quinoa,whole wheat are acidic.Pork,veal,fish beef,organ meats,liver,chicken,turkey,eggs,shrimp,lobster oysters,hot dogs,corned beef,pastrami,pepporoni,pickled beef,cheese, milk buttermilk,sour cream,yogurt,butter,margarine, mushrooms,tomatoes,eggplant,yellow summer squash,green olives,peanuts,pistachios,coffee,tea,wine,beer,sodapop,cider,soy products and anything with yeast.

    I may have missed a few.If one has a serious candida problem watch your fruit intake and if you do eat fruit it is recommended that you eat them in the morning alone.

    Best regards,
    Jaster 45
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    Hey Jaster---
    I feel so silly, I use to think I had loads of common sense--it seems to have fallen by the wayside with this DD, lol, along with my memory.
    Remember a week or so ago---I mentioned my urine and saliva pH was a 5.5.....and had been for about 2 weeks....
    and many of these foods were forbidden as I am on a low oxalate diet. Try as I might I couldn't get the numbers to come up. Was thinking about boosting pH of water, and taking coral calcium? All of course, more out of pocket expenses.

    I saw my nephrologist, yesterday--really great doc. We were talking about acidosis. He said, I can give you expensive pills to fix that, but why don't you take one Tablespoon of Baking Soda a day. My Gawd! I said
    "DUH!!!" What has happened to my brain--
    So picked up the name brand at the grocery, not the generic, lol....and its 50 cents a box....boy do I feel, ditzy!

    Remember from my days in physical science class mixing vinegar and baking soda, shaking it, and watching it blow the tops off the old medicine bottles whose caps just snapped on....
    This girl won't be drinking or eating high vinegar foods...don't want to blow up, lol.
    Best Wishes,
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    This DD can take it out of us.You should be more alkaline in no time.Keep your spirits up!

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    How do you take your baking soda? Do you mix it with water? Or something like juice? Or do you just down it without anything?
    Thanks, Vicky
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    I was just getting ready to have some baking soda and it did not look appetizing. So what should we do now?
    Thanks, Vicky
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    I do eat alot of fruits and vegeatables. I also use to juice 2 to 3 times a day for several years and could not tell a difference in the pain. I guess I am hoping for a miracle???
    Thanks for the reply, Vicky
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    I think taking a teaspoon full of either of the above in a glass of water between meals three times a day (or four or five) makes the body alcalic in the 'right way', but that's only what I've read. (Does anyone here know whether this is true?)
    I've been sticking to the cider vinegar for a bit, as I like the taste, and it certainly hasn't done me any harm.
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    I bought some of the saliva ph test strips and checked myself over several days at different times of day. I am always on 7 to 7.5. Do have digestive problems that are helped with no dairy or grain. My question is if the saliva test is consistently good does that mean you dont have to be concerned about acid or alkaline food? I think the lemon in my tea or water and the copious amounts of almond butter contribute to the good ph.
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    Just found another list about alkaline-ash and acid-ash foods, and this one suggests that all nuts and tofu and plums and mustard (as opposed to mustard greens) are on the acid side, whereas quinoa is on the alkaline side. Also Black Pepper is on the acid-ash side, another one I'd never have guessed.
    Sorry to add to the confusion. (any enlightenment welcome, especially as I love eating nuts)
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    As far as nuts go you are right that some lists say that almond and brazil leave an alkaline ash and some lists say these nuts leave an acid ash.Many lists that I have come across state that almonds and brazil nuts leave the least amount of acid and are more alkaline.I do think some nuts,fruits are in between or 1/2 way you could say.For me I had to see how they felt in my body to make a determination on whether or not I would eat them.Raw unhydrogenated nuts are by far the best.I am sure you know this but others may not.And as far as plums and mustard it varies too.I do well with almonds and not as well with other nuts.In my reading and experience the alkaline to acid ratio should be in the neighborhood of 80/20.Especially in disease states.But it varies from each person.Some can eat more acid and others can't.My body does much better with the above ratio or in the range of 70/30.The more fresh fruits,veggies and organic dairy,fowl,fish and meat products when we do consume these acid foods with no hormones,antibiotics and steroids the better.The amount of additives to commercial dairy,fowl and meat is startling.Very toxic to our body.

    Best regards,
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    Friends, I'm really confused about this acid/alkaline diet. I've been having problems with my urine being very acidic #5 on the urine strips. This sometimes causes my bladder to ache. Does this mean I should be eating all foods from the alkaline list? Where do you get the saliva test strips and what should the numbers be? Do the saliva strips test differently than the urine?

    Also, anyone taking the coral calcium? Does this keep the body in sync? I need to take 1200-1500 mg of calcium for my bones (osteoporosis) and wondering if coral calcium is bone building?

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    Maybe someone has some answers to my questions above???
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    Jaster, many thanks.

    It must be true that alkalinity/acidity come in degrees, and that this explains how borderline cases are treated one way or the other. So raw almonds and brazils it will be for the time being, yummy enough ...

    I also would like to know how/where one gets those strips, especially whether you can order them on the web.

    For a long time I thought the whole alkalinity question was of minor relevance, but I have now observed over all my last (minor) set-backs or flares, all as a result of stress, I can taste that my saliva has gone acidic ((I can get that taste anytime by eating toast and jam, i.e. refined wheat flour and sugar together, and then not brushing my teeth immediately, so I know it.)), and that my getting better and my saliva loosing its acidity go hand in hand.

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    Yes it can be confusing!A urine ph of 5 is too low.Typically what happens over time when our body is too acidic our saliva,colon and stomach acids become too alkaline.And other organ systems become too acidic.Our colon should be between 5.0 and 6.0, saliva should be to my knowledge between 6.0-6.5.Our colon should be more acidic as should our stomach.Our urine,blood should be in the neighborhood of 7.0-7.2 or some where in there.Some say a ph of 7.5 is ideal for blood and urine.As far as only eating alkaline foods from my experience it varies from person to person.Alkaline fruits and veggies have a great alkalizing effect on our body.You may have too eat some acid foods for protein.And as far as Coral Calcium,this does help to alkalize our body tissues.One thing to consider when taking supplements is the amount ingested is not what we absorb.After stomach acid,,digestion,assimilation and absorption and the basic health of our systems we absorb much less.I know many people who have had great results with Coral Calcium.Some can take it and I do know of a few in which it makes them feel weird.Each person is different.
    Good test strips are pHydrion papers from Micro Essential Labs. out of Brooklyn,N.Y.Some pharmicies carry test strips but they are too expensive and do not work as well as pHydrion.They do work well for urine,and saliva.

    Take care,
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    Mickie--this course of action was suggested by my nephrologist, who treats my kidney probs, and related high blood pressure.

    He told me that he could prescribe medicines (that were very expensive) with the same chemical make up. But the baking soda is 50cents a box. For the health of my kidneys..this acidosis...needed to be corrected.

    As I stated I was in Acidosis, with saliva and urine pH being 5.5.

    Foods, etc. were not remedying this for me. I was even drinking a gallon of water each day, with a full lime squeezed in each glass to no avail.

    In just a few short days, my pH which was consistently at 5.5 has risen to 6.6. I am still working on it...and hopefully I can get it even higher.

    Vicki---I tried just taking a tablespoon full, but couldn't get it down the hatch, lol.
    I put it in a glass of water now...which is better, cuz I need all the water I can get. My blood pressure has not become elevated, I have to check it daily.

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    Wow, you are more woman than me!! I brush my teeth with baking soda but do not know if I could drink it in a glass of water. I will put extra baking soda on my toothbrush, do you think that will help??
    Good luck to you, Vicky
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    THANKS so much for your foods list!& input!
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    The digestive enzymes from pineapple and papaya(bromelain,papain)have been linked to a reduction in inflammation and pain especially in arthritics and those suffering FM symptoms.Tart Cherry which contains the antioxidant anthocyanins is free radical reducing and according to Dr.Reginald Cherry has made dramatic reductions in those suffering pain.The research is substatiated.Apple cider vinegar and lemon juice also work well at reducing inflammation and pain.What these all have in common is they are alkaline producing in the body for the most part.Not only have these worked for me,close personal friends but so many others as well.An alkaline body creates an internal environment in which we can eliminte wastes and poisons more effectively.This also leeds to an ability to digest,absorb and assimilate those nutrients imperative for regaining health and wellbeing.Heck I know of people just through juicing alone(mainly carrots and green juices,which contains calcium,potassium,sodium,magnesium to name only a few) who have greatly reduced their FM pain.Green juices and carrot juices alkalize the body tissues.Acid bodies cause more pain.It worked well for me.What have you got to loose?Try it for yourself.

    Good luck,stay strong and take care,