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    Good morning all! I have a question about the acidity in my body. I was at my nutritional health store yesterday & we were discussing fm & what supplements are good. The owner asked me if I knew what my body's PH was. No, didn't realize it mattered. She gave my a couple strips of litmus paper & this morning before eating or drinking I tested both on tongue & urine. It appears I am about as acidic as one can get. The paper barely turned a light shade of green. She told me that when your body is too acidic, disease can take over (or words to that effect). She also said calcuim - coral calcuim in particular would help neutralize the acid in my body. Does onyone know anything about this? I don't think she's just telling me this to get me to buy calcium from her - she is a very honest person.

    Any input from anyone who knows anything will be greatly appreciated.

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    I have Naturopathic training, so maybe I can help a bit.
    First, the standard American diet (known as SAD for short, because it is very sad!) is about 85% acid and 15% alkaline. The human body is designed for a diet exactly the opposite of that, or about 85% alkaline and 15% acid.
    The body keeps a tight rein on your PH, because it is so crucial to life. When you eat the way most of us eat, that makes it very hard work for your body to save you from yourself, and you may slide over towards the more acidic end of the "normal" range.
    I am a big fan of Calcium Citrate. It is better absorbed than other forms of Calcium, it helps treat the Gastric reflux that so many of us have, and it will help you be calmer and keep your bone density as you get older. 500 mgs. of Calcium citrate at each meal is a great addition to your diet, but without a good diet, you are wasting money. Don't be tempted to take the entire 1,500 mgs. at once, as your body cannot absorb more than 500 mgs. at one time.
    How to make your diet more alkaline? Well, we've all heard it a million times. Eat your veggies! Lots of veggies and fruits, esp. raw ones. Even acidic fruits like oranges turn alkaline in the body. Raw foods still have their own enzymes intact, (cooked ones do not) which saves your body energy from having to make enzymes to digest them. Green salads every day are a great way to make your diet more alkaline. Figs are the most alkaline food on the planet, so if you like them you can add them to your diet (but watch that sugar!).
    Most experts prefer plant based enzymes, but I have never seen any compelling evidence explaining why. I guess it just makes sense to me that plant based enzymes are best for digesting plant based foods, and animal based enzymes are best for digesting animal based foods. Also, if you are on the Guaifenesin protocol for Fibro, you should not use plant based enzymes because they may block the drug. I used to take a broad spectrum plant based enzyme by Nutraceutical Sciences Institute, but now I take TwinLab pancreatin (from pigs), since I am on the Guaifenesin protocol.
    Four different studies by the German Commission E (the most respected Naturopathic research org. in the world) have shown that pancreatin can relieve inflammation, so it may be beneficial to those with arthritis as well as fibro. I can testify that I was able to drop my pain meds siginificantly after I had been taking it for awhile. It also has been shown to remove fibrin from the body, which means it may help with hypercoagulation defects.
    Two plant based enzymes have been shown to help inflammation, bromelain and papain. Some people are allergic to one or both of them, however, so avoid them if you have ever felt burning in your mouth after eating pineapple or papaya. Raw pineapple or papaya can also be eaten as dessert to help you digest meals. Only the raw will work.
    I think enzymes are one of the best investments you can make in your health.
    I hope this helped to answer some of your concerns,
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    The information you got was correct from the salesperson.

    Many have used Coral Calcium to correct acidity, with good results.
    Diet as well can improve your pH, too. One can find foods that raise the alkalinity. You can find a list online.
    I cannot go that route, as I am on a special diet for my kidneys, which is low oxalate, and oxalates high in alkalizing foods.

    Another way to raise alkalinity, is to drink water with lemon or lime squeezed in. You would think that this would be acidic....but as your body utilizes it (burns it) it turns alkaline.
    I take 1 tbsp. of baking soda daily mixed with water, in addition to drinking about 3 limes in water , daily.
    This was recommended to me by my nephrologist, as I was in acidosis---couldn't change the litmus paper color at all.
    The acidity was affecting my kidneys. Some have suggested that baking soda is not a good idea, if one is hypertensive, however this Doctor is treating my hypertension as well--and said its not a problem. They have meds, he said to correct the pH, which are the same in chemical content as baking soda, but very expensive.

    Do not drink soft drinks...and you may want to test the pH of the water you are drinking as well.

    I have chosen the route of water/lime and baking soda, as I can get the same results--at a much lower cost, which allows me to invest in other meds and supps. However, the Coral Calcium is a good supp...with alot of great ingredients.

    Best wishes, LL

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    I forgot to add that I would get some good paper to test your progress. I use pHdrion vivid which go from 5.5-8.0.
    They have increments of .2 while some have increments of .5
    You can find these online, or at some health food stores.

    Test in the morning, upon arising...before any intake of food, drink, brushing teeth--and first morning urine.
    I then test prior to bed...after not having eaten or drank for an hour.

    I always test urine, and saliva
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    Thanks for the info. I really need to do something. After I posted this morning I did a search on body PH & found lots of info on what supplements to use. Of course, the site wanted me to buy theirs!

    I do eat lots of salads but not too many fruits - my husband & I both do a lo carb Hi protein diet. I guess I need to look into enzymes & maybe consider adding more raw fruit to my diet at least until I get a better PH balance.

    Anyway I think I'm on the right track.

    Good health.......Kathi
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    That explains your pH--- lots of meat in your diet? All meats and fish are acidic to your body.
    Here's some info below:

    Acidity comes about from eating too many acidic foods, such as animal products (meat, dairy, eggs), salt, cereal, coffee, sodas, and alcohol. Smoking is very acid producing.

    Physical exercise acidifies the blood with lactic acid. Deep breathing exercises alkalize the blood.

    Too much acidity in the body causes or contributes to conditions such as bone demineralization (osteoporosis for example), nervous disorders, kidney stones, chronic fatigue, gout, arthritis, cavities in the teeth, and impaired immune function.

    When the foods we eat are metabolized, they leave behind a residue that is either acid or alkaline. This is what determines whether a food is acidic or alkaline. So a food that tastes acidic such a lemons or grapefruit, leave behind an alkaline residue and are therefore alkalizing to the body.

    To alkalize the body, foods listed as being more alkaline should be emphasized, and acidic foods not used as often.

    Most fruits and vegetable are alkalizing, but there are some exceptions:

    ACIDIC FRUITS: any preserved, canned or jellied fruits, dried sulphured fruits, glazed fruits, green bananas, cranberries, green olives.

    ACIDIC VEGETABLES: white asparagus, all dried beans, Brussels sprouts, lentils, garbanzo beans.

    ACIDIC FLESH FOODS: All meat and fish is acidic to the body.

    ACIDIC CEREALS: all flour products (breads, pasta, cereals, etc), grains (barley, cornmeal, oats, rice)

    OTHER ACIDIC FOODS: alcoholic beverages, sodas, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, vinegar, tobacco (as in smoking), lack of sleep, overwork, worry…..these all contribute to acidity in the body.

    What is alkaline???

    Fruits and vegetables, except those listed above.

    Buttermilk, cow, goat & human milk, whey , and yogurt.

    Alfalfa products, kelp, herbs. Almonds.

    Bitter herbs, such as Gentian, aid digestion and balance the pH of the bodily fluids.

    Alfalfa tablets are very alkalizing to the body, 3 or 4 can be taken after every meal.

    Apple Cider vinegar that has had eggshells soaked in it for two weeks becomes very alkalizing. One tablespoon can be taken in water every day, or add to your drink bottle for the day and sip at it. It is also full of highly absorbable calcium from the eggshells. This can be used daily to help the body maintain a more alkaline balance.

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    Such good info here. Thank You.

    I know that I am too acidic. Tho, I have not been tested for a long time.

    I was on a raw food diet for about 6 months and it was helpful in many ways, but couldn't stick with it.

    I am going to start seeing a natropathic doc. next week, and I know she does the testing you mentioned. But she also uses the right for your blood type. I know that my blood type is the one that I need to eat alot of meat. Which is acid producing.

    Just wondering if you have some experience or insights about how this concept of eating for blood type fits in the picture we are discussing here.

    I am very interested in your perspectives about health, as I want to do everything as naturally and holistically as possible.


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    Bumpity bump
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    Thank you soooo much for all the info. I really appreciate it. However, your info has led me to more questions, if I may:

    How much lemon or lime juice in a glass of water?

    I very rarely drink soft drinks or coffee, what about tea? I drink gallons of iced tea in summer.

    I can't say I eat a lot of meat. I have never been a big meat eater - even on the hi protein diet. How much meat would you say is the right amount for lunch & dinner. I very rarely eat breakfast.

    I will try the lemon in water & the eggshell in vinegar & see what happens - of course I'll take advise Klutzo gave me too.

    The funny thing is my doc (who has fibro) suggests the lo carb, hi protein diet - on for 12 days - off for two & repeat cycle. But of course he never checked my PH. I plan to talk to him about it next time I go in. I have been on this diet since last May(way before being dx'd).

    So much info - so little brain to process it :)

    Thanks again......Kathi
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