Acidophilus "Experts".... HELP PLEASE! Kinda Long.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by EgyptStarr, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    I have IBS with constipation, but since I started taking Acidophilus, I have had NO problems with constipation! But here's the problem: when I saw my doc last Monday, he told me that I HAVE TO begin taking iron supplements due to "dangerously low" iron.

    As I explained to him, iron supplements make me VERY constipated, and I normally refuse to take them; I can't stand the pain! But he insisted that it was "VERY serious" and that I HAD to do something. Injections are not available for me; I am on Medicaid and they won't cover it. He called the pharmacy I use and asked what prescription iron Medicaid would cover that would be easier for me to take, and they said that there aren't any covered by Medicaid. As far as Medicaid (at least here) is concerned; it's a supplement that is available OTC, so they won't pay for it.

    When I went to purchase it, I saw the SlowFe and others that claim to be easier on the digestive system, but they are VERY expensive compared to Ferrous Sulfate; I can't afford them!

    So, I am now taking 65 mg of iron (ferrous sulfate 325 mg). The doc really wanted me to take 3 a day, but said that he would be ok with me only taking 1 a day due to my problems with it, so I am only taking 1. I had hoped that the Acidophilus would alleviate the constipation I knew I would have to endure, but not much luck. So far, I think it is helping a LITTLE..... I'm not having quite as much trouble as I know I would without the Acidophilus, but it is still enough of an issue for me to post about! lol

    So....... I said ALL THAT just to ask this (haha):

    Can I take more than 2 Acidophilus tablets per day? (Just in case this is relevant: it says on the bottle that it is "Extra Strength" Acidophilus; "One Billion Live Organisms per tablet at time of manufacture"). My theory is that if Acidophilus helped me so much when I was NOT taking the iron, maybe taking EXTRA Acidophilus AFTER beginning the iron will bring me back to the comfort level I have become so accustomed to.......

    What do you all think??????

    Thanks in advance!


  2. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    I have alot of experience with acidolphilus (mine are 10 billion per capsule). Yes, you can take lots, but usually acidolphilus is to correct bad bacteria overgrowth with good bacteria to balance things. Usually people with watery stools are in dire need of acidolphilus and can handle handfulls. I wouldn't take too many though. It can make constipation worse for people who are ALWAYS constipated. Those that are always constipated I usually recommend HCL capsules. They're not expensive and they can correct constipation naturally. It's not a drug. You take them in the middle of meals. I put my husband on a HCL (hydrochloric acid)program because he was always costipated and now he poops every day and doesn't have to take them anymore. Would you consider taking something natural for your anemia? Look up for suggestions.

    Hope this helps.LOL

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  3. sdown

    sdown New Member

    I take 3 acidophulus and bifidus a day. The probiotic I take has both acidophulus and bifidus in them. Doc said it was OK to take 1 acidophulus and bifidus 1/2 hr before each meal. I buy them in the health food store. They are kept in the refrigerator at the health food store. I put them in my fridge at home. They last longer that way. It keeps the ingredients active to refrigerate it. It definitely helps me to keep regular. Another thing my doc has me on is the IQ Maximizer also known as the Smart Pill. It helps with constipation, fatigue, difficulty with focusing and concentration, etc. Its a company out of San Francisco, California called Novus Optimum Inc. Ive been taking it for 4 years. It helps alot with keeping me regular. Doc said it helps alot with brain fog too. If you do a search on the net you will be able to find it. I get my Vitamin store to order it in for me from the US. I live in Canada.
  4. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Thanks for the info!!! I will try the HCL first, and see how that works for me. I hope Wal-Mart carries it.... I'm going shopping there later tonight, so I will look for it.

    Skierchik..... do I still continue the Acidophilus???

    If that doesn't solve the problem, I will try the other probiotic mentioned.

    Thanks again for the help!!!!!!!


  5. CooBax

    CooBax New Member

    Hi egyptstar,

    Heres what i have learned about cant take to much because it is good bacteria and your bad bacteria gets striped away very our grocery store I get a product called BIO_K it is with the organic items and comes in small bottles...each serving is worth 250 capsules!! I took one bottle a day for two weeks....also when I was doing this i did a cleanse called CANDIDA is from a health food store....since I have done this cleanse I have had no diareah which was really bad before like having IBS. I stay away from sugar and now take four capsules a day of acidophilus...oh another thing ..only buy acidophilus from a store that keeps it in the fridge...if it is not refridgerated it will not work...your best bet is a health food store...hope this all helps ...feel free to ask any more questions...good luck...

  6. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Yes, you can continue with the acidolphilus. You're on a very low dose. For my mom's IBS I had her take like 5 in the morning and 5 in the evening of the 10 billion per capsule. Depending upon how bad your IBS is you can take alot of them. I would edge on the side of caution because of the iron supplement. Be sure to eat plenty of dark greens, like spinach, kale, chard etc. If you can get your iron from food than you won't get constipated.

    Solgar is a very good company and you might want to try the chelated iron supplement recommended earlier. This might work better for you. Has the doctor told you why you are so anemic??

  7. Sbilek

    Sbilek New Member

    Egypt, I'm no expert by any means, but can only give you some suggestions that have helped me personally.

    First off, extra acidophilous is a good idea in my opinion and shouldn't be any negative effects from taking more than the suggested dose.

    Second off, having had IBS, alternating diarrhea with constipation, can maybe give you some suggestions that helped me.

    My IBS was helped immensely by getting rid of parasites I didn't know I had. You can try doing a parasite cleanse, probably can get one at your local health food store.

    Also, just recently have found that dairy was really messing up my intestines and causing severe constipation. Butter, cheese, and I also was consuming a lot of peanut butter, which I was told would also affect those little villi in your intestines causing problems.

    It was suggested to me that I avoid the dairy, which I have been, also the peanut butter, and that to try a small intestine detox. I got one from Nature's Sunshine, it was very mild and took care of the problem in about a month.

    Also it was suggested to me that because of the problem in the small intestine, that doing a detox would allow the vitamins and minerals to be assimilated, which they weren't on account of the poor intestinal health.

    Maybe if you tried a small intestine detox, the iron would be more absorbed and you wouldn't have such a problem with your iron absorption.

    Also, I've found that L-glutamine will help the villi to grow back and resume their duty of keeping your intestines healthy.

    Maybe some of these things might help.

  8. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Thanks Everyone, for the tips! It is REALLY appreciated!


  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    That would be my first choice to recommend, it always makes a difference w/ me. Liver is even richer than red meat in heme iron and it will contain all the cofacter vits/mins needed to properly absorb it. Best of all, NO CONSTIPATION, liver should actually enhance your bowel function. It always has for me, and I've been constipated since I was a kid (before I discovered Primal Defense that is). Dessicated liver is cheap too, maybe $8.00 for 100 on average, sometimes cheaper. Liver is also safe to take in high doses, while iron supplements are risky and so poorly absorbed. Taking a perscription iron supplement is about the equivelent of trying to slowly eat a tenspeed.

    My second choice would be a natural source iron mineral combo supplement. One geered to getting iron up, but contains synergistic minerals and vitamins needed.

  10. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Dessicated liver???????????

    Never heard of it! Is it a pill? Can I find it at Wal-Mart with the vitamin supplements or what???


  11. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Thanks! I have been taking a Mag./Calcium/Zinc supplement also. I take several supplements: the Mag. one I just mentioned, iron, Potassium, Vit. E, Vit. C, L-Lysine, Acidophilus and.......... I THINK that's it. LOL

    I always take the Mag. one seperate from everything else; at least 2 hours after my evening dose of "drugs", shortly before I go to bed. I take 3, which is the recommended dose on the bottle.

    I also am taking prescriptions for Wellbutrin (antidepressant - twice a day), Provigil (stimulant - 400 mg AS NEEDED... I don't take that one most of the time), Baclofen (muscle relaxer for stiff upper back and neck issues that lead to tension headaches), and Valtrex as needed for fever blisters.

    It may just be my body trying to get used to the strange combination of pills I am putting into it. Most of the supplements I mentioned are new to my body.... just started most of them within the last month! The reason I mention this is because 2 days ago I couldn't go at all, even though my belly was hurting and telling me I NEEDED to go, then today, I went 3 times and barely made it to the bathroom the first time! And I hadn't taken a laxative or anything! Hadn't changed my diet.....

    I DID change ONE thing. Before, I was taking 500 mg of Vit. C daily. Then I read something about someone who was taking 1000 mg daily and that Vit. C was good for that (helping someone "go"). So I doubled my Vit. C one or two nights ago to see what would happen. That COULD be what did it, I guess..... if so, I'll be fine from here on in!

    I would still love to know about that dessicated liver that Jeanne mentioned, though..... it sounds like something I would love to try and benefit from a lot more than this cheap-o iron pill I'm taking now!

    Thanks again!

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  12. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    there isn't much more to dessicated liver, it's just dried liver, in tablet form. Dessicated is just a way to completely dry it, so it's shelf stable, it's an organ meat so it wouldn't have much of a shelf life if they didn't. If you don't gag on it like i do, you can make regular meals of liver as well as well as other gizzards (ack), they are all very good for you and will support your glands as well as being rich sources of irona nd B vitamins.

    It's great that you doubled your vit. C. It does promote regularity, but better yet, vitamin C is essential to proper iron absorbtion. Esp. for non-heme (plant source iron), which is not absorbed near as well as heme (or meat sourced) iron.

    Liver is also rich in most B vitamins, esp. folic acid and B12, and is about the best source of iron and contains many minerals too.

    My tablets are 455 mgs and recommend taking 4/day. I'd take double if your RBC iron is low. My tissue ferritin levels are low, but my RBC iron is fine, so I just take 3-4 per day. Liver supplements will also support your hard working liver. Our livers need all the support it can get as most of us are at least partially chemically sensitive and we take alot of meds which are very hard on the liver.

    If you can afford it, take a multiglandular too. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel on many levels. I'm getting miraculous results from my glandular combo which is mainly adrenal and liver. I have way more energy, my severe winter depression is controlled (also due to light therapy lamp), my body temperature came up to normal and I'm breezing through Canadian winter like I used to and my moods are stable, also better allergy management too.

  13. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

  14. EgyptStarr

    EgyptStarr New Member

    Sorry, I have one more question: where can I find it?


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