ACK! Need new MD! In OHIO

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jane_Canuck, Feb 22, 2006.

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    I need a new MD in Ohio if someone could recommend one. I am in Chillicothe so will go to anything either in town or in columbus or all points inbetween.

    My current doc is in circleville. I thought I broke my sholder and we could not afford the co pay to go to emerg, but was denied to go to my doc by his staff because if it were that serious I would have already been in emerg!

    Since we have found 2 lumps in my shoulder, we being my surgeon! Told him about not being able to get into the doc and he flipped.

    I have since found a blog on my doc and it is HORRID!

    It takes over 8 weeks to get an appt now and this is rediculous!

    However if I call with a yeast infection I can get into him tomorrow...... geeeeeeeeee! I have a yeast infection and tried calling this am. GET THIS! I have his number programmed into my phone which I have used recently to call them in Jan. So anyhow called 3 times today and the number is no longer inservice! WTF? How damned weird is that?

    Anyhow sorry for the rant I am just really cranky and I wanna new doc! Pout lol.

    tyvm Brenda
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    Sounds like you've been through the ringer lately. I don't have a doc for you. I see Brian Higgins at Buckeye Sports but I saw him before the FMS for my back so now he just treats all of me. I don't think there are any good FM docs here in Lancaster at all.

    Keep in touch girl,
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    Well I thought I ought to ask here before striking out on my own for a doc...

    This guy was so damned good then he just got too busy!

    I never call unless i have good reason so being put off is a real put off lol.

    Anyhow you are lucky you have a good one! But I know I will find another one too that is good. I will ask all my other docts I see in the next few weeks and ask AGAIN for a new recommendation as well as getting help from the board!

    Great to hear from you! Brenda
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    Wow, you don't live that far from me!!! I live right across the river in Kentucky from Portsmouth!

    I worked at the gaseous diffusion plant in Piketon. In fact, my manager was from Chillicothe!! What a small world!

    Are you looking for a primary care doc, an orthopedic doc, or a rheumy? I went to an excellent ortho doc in Columbus last year and a rheumy, but my PCP is in Portsmouth.

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    ahahah too funny we just drove across from Portsmouth to KY this weekend to get a powerball ticket! Small world eh!?

    I want a primary care doc.

    My Rheumy does not want to see me unless something major changes in the health dept. I am on the fence for either lupus or ra or both. So far in 3 years nothing progressing that far unless you count a gall bladder going bad then me being bad after gb surgery and herniating on both sides of my abdomen making me have to have hernia repairs done.

    SO not sure what he considers me having to go in for.

    I dunno just messing my way thru like everyone else lol!

    Hey do you ever og to a shop in portsmouth called Journey Within? It is a nifty little shop with all kinds of metaphysical things in it. My pal comes down from Chillicothe to do reflexology there and reads cards as well. They also have a reiki therapist too, however I am still not sure what I think of reiki the vote is not in on that yet lol but she is a lovely lady we met her last weekend.

    Wowzers! Spring is here a real house fly just went by go figure!

    Well I am babbling here it is 2:42am and I just can not get settled again tonight...... off to pogo to play and et pooped out! eheheh

    xoxo tyvm
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