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    I am wondering i dont see too many people mentioning it but does anyone take actiq besides me my doc is a saint he is not one of docs that wont help he will do whatever he can and if i did not have him i wouldnt get out bed i couldnt even go to the docs appt would like to here is anybody else on actiq it is a very strong but necessary drug i also take methadone the actiq is for breakthrough pain i was telling someone in the morning when i get up my husband has to roll me over and get my meds before i can start to function i do feel sorry for tose of you who are denied narcotics because alot of these docs want to play GOD and think everybody is a addict or they just wont presribe anything but counseling Thank God Bless Joyce My mind wanders sometime the only real bad thing is the tooth decay because you have to really watch your mouth it has i think 1 or 2 grams of sugar in eah pop i lost a few teeth because of. Thanks God Bless Joyce
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