activated charcoal? do you take it and why?

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    I am researching this - curious for your responses.


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    that someone takes that is when you overdose and they give it to you at the hospital. It's suppose to neutralize the drugs in your system.....
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    Funny--I just wrote about charcoal in another thread. :)

    Anyway, yes, I do take activated charcoal. It's part of my FM specialist's protocol. Essentially, he uses it to ease the symptoms of herxing.

    I take about a rounded spoonful of it in powder form every day, mixed into water. It tastes like mud water, but I can definitely tell when I miss a day.

    I always take charcoal when I have diarrhea, bloating, or other abdominal problems. It does wonders.

    It will also help mosquito and other insecet bites if you mix it into a paste and rub it directly on the spot soon after getting bitten. Of course, you'll look like a Dalmatian, but it really works. My mom used this on me my entire childhood.
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    True--taking charcoal at the same time as medications will reduce the effectiveness of the medications.

    My doctor has me take the charcoal about two hours before or after food or medications.
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    If I get really bad gas I take 2 capsules with a lot of water. Within l/2 hour it's greatly relieved, however, along with the gas it sucks up everything else like good vitamins so you must use it with caution.
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    if you have a stomach bug. He has the "black and white" treatment. You take a charcoal capsule, then a T. of milk of magnesia. Seemed to help. But it can also be used when trying to get mercury out of your system. Just be careful to not take it with your other supplements, as it will cancel those out too.