Active lyme disease really sick 4 bites,3 rashes

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    Hi everyone,

    I am so sick right now. I had 4 ticks bite me at the same time. one on my upper neck, one in the groin area where the panty line is, one on my side under my bra, and one in my navel.All where I didnt see them in time to pluck them off.
    They all became oozy inspite of my washining with a medical antibacterial wash and ointment. Then I developed 3 rashes. Then I started to get really sick.

    At first I thought it was just a major flair. I have FM/CFIDS/MFP and chronic back pain. I son relized this was not an average flair up.

    I have a headache that feels like my head could explode. The only way I can describe it is a spinal headache if there is such a thing .The pain seems to come up my spine into my head. My neck is very painfully stiff. My thoat is painful,not like the usual CF sore throat,worse.

    I am extreemely dizzy.I feel like Im on a ship rocking back and forth.I have to walk with a cane if at all.

    I am so weak I can hardly move. I just have to stay laying down. The fatigue is worse than the usual fatigue. Its worse than the worse flair ever. I hurt so bad all over worse than the usual FM pain if you can imagine that.
    Its like lymes disease pain on top of FM/CF/MFP.
    I litterally feel like Im dying a slow death.

    My husband came home from work early on Friday to take me to the DR office. He put me on doxycycline 100mg 2x a day.
    Without doing a blood test. Now I wish he had done a test just for the documentation. I did have my husband take a picture of the rash and bites.

    Has anone else had Lymes Disease
    Im wondering if doxycyclyne going to take care of this. I feel like I need to be in the hospital right now.
    Anyone with experience with this

    I cant type anymore IM So weak and in so much pain.

    Please pray for me so sick
    Blessings Sally
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  2. fmfriend

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    what are th signs of the central nervous system being afected.
    I feel an unusual soreness on the side of my face cheeck bone area,like some one hit me. and I have this horrable dizziness and spinalike headache,also mental confusion
  3. fmfriend

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    My hedache is still throbbing, my neck is still in pain,the left side of my face is painful like a burning pain, my left arm into my hand is cold and painful, I have chest pain too. I fell over trying to walk last night I was so dizzy.
    My husband wanted to tak me to the ER but I thought Id wait it out.
    This is very scarey. I didnt know if I was going to make it through the night last night. I gave my kids an extra big hug.
    Anyone have any ideas--I'll could use some ecouragement too!
    Blessings ~ Sally
  4. jarjar

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    You need to find a trained Lyme M.D. ASAP. Most. Lyme docs suggest 400mg of doxy just to start with then move on to other antibiotics.

    Or as has been posted go to an ER if symptoms are bad enough.

    I wouldn't doubt if the FM that you have had in the past is lyme. You might have been like me and had a tick bite while young but it was years before you became ill.

    There are lyme boards that help you find lyme docs in your area but we are not allowed to tell you about the site due to rules of this board.

  5. mrdad

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    Sounds as if you are getting some goos info. on this Board
    so far. I might suggest that you also visit the Lyme
    message board on this website as well. I'm sure there is
    much valuable info. and shared experiences to be observed
    there!! My adult Daughter has Lyme so I am empathetic
    to all sufferers. It's imperative that you get the proper
    diagnosis and treatment at the onset.

    Good thoughts and best wishes for your quick recovery,

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