Active Release Technique

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  1. CFS_will_not_win

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    Has anyone tried Active Release Technique (ART) for their CFS symptoms ? Does it help at all ??

    Any info will be really appreciated. I am seriously considering this treatment and was wondering if anyone out here has tried it.

    Thanks very much
  2. DemonFairy

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    I've used Active Release for pain relief, for both sciatica and carpal tunnel, and it helped a lot. I'm not sure what it would do for CFS though.
  3. CFS_will_not_win

    CFS_will_not_win New Member

    Hi demonfairy,

    thanks for your response. I also have FMS in almost all 18 of the trigger points. So was hoping that active release Technique (ART)would alleviate some of the burning/tingling pain, muscle ache and joint pain.

    I am considering doing ART along with Accupuncture. I have never tried either before.

    Thanks !!

    p.s. (If anyone else on this forum lives in the Northern NJ area and knows of a GOOD practicioner for ART or accupuncture please recommend. thanks a ton !)
  4. mujuer

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    Is the same as Myofascial Release for trigger points? I have the book to do releases on myself if that is the case. I am having alot of luck doing them. I have been in a fibro flare now for days and now I have ended up out of the flare but heavy into the trigger points so will be sitting my dierriere in an epsom salt bath soon and then working out my trigger points. Let me know if it is the same? P
  5. hannahfaid

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    I had it done for my shoulder last year...all the drs said it was tendonitis and live with it...saw an ART practioner (chiro) and he gave me better range of motion... Still hurts, but I can at least lift my arm. It hurt a lot!!! I never knew I had muscles in my armpit!! they break up scar tissue so I don't think it would help CFS. They would have to do your whole body! LOL
  6. CFS_will_not_win

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    Hi everone.........thanks for the replies.

    I am not sure if ART is the same as Myofacial Release. Am still researching this and also looking for a good practitioner i.e. ART as well as an accupuncturist.

    I hope i can find one soon.......It;s the only hope I have now to get some relief from this constant pain.