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    I am new to CFS. a 58 y/o hospice nurse in the foothills of Calif. 12 mo's ago - 2 mo's after a total hip replacement- I was stricken- total exhaustion 2 hours after getting up- requiring 3-4 hours of rest to recover.
    Diagnosed in December by Rheumatologist with PMR- she put me on prednisone. Have been trying to wean off that since.
    I do not have PMR and should never have been put on prednisone.

    Has anyone else been put on prednisone?

    My dilema- how much to push myself.
    I can push myself and the adrenaline will get me through a work day - but am finding that it may take 2 days to recover from one full 8 hour day of work. I am down from 4 full days/week to 3- 1/2 days a week and am concerned that I may have to quit all together.
    How do you know when to push and when to stop?

    I am finding it hard to find balance. I feel very isolated. Need someone who understands this stuff to talk to. My 2 doctors this last year don't seem to have a clue. My internist said that CFS is like saying you have "Iceburg Lettuce Disease"!
    Am searching for a doctor in Central CA who knows CFS.

    Have any of you found a way to keep working?

    Glad I found this message board.

    Thanks for any help!


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