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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AnjieCFSFM, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. AnjieCFSFM

    AnjieCFSFM New Member

    Have any of you heard of and/or used a product called "ACTIVIVE" for CFS & FM? Please let me know. I'd like to try it,if it works! (Here I go with another 'try this;it should work' idea...scarey!)
  2. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    A search would find several same questions My daughter has been using it for 2 months, she has CFS but very badly localised in her eyes ie any reading etc makes her tired and disorientated . She seems to be feeling better and commented that when she missed the tablets for 2 days she felt off again. Still not out of the woods but I bit the bullet and reordered another 3 mths supply.

    Really i cannot says a definite yes or no re this I see 1 user and she is the only 1 I found outside the sellers site said it helped her Fibromyalgia/cfs issues.

    Sorry cannot help further but might be worth a test. i see here lot talk re anti-virals to defeat "stealth" viruses worth a read here as well.

  3. AnjieCFSFM

    AnjieCFSFM New Member

    You've been a real help :)
  4. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    Agreed my daughter has been taking quite a bit of the ingredients. I went by the comment from the maker re they use a special extraction process that is different to other extraction processes used by competitors.

    Sigh probably done my money but we are a tad desperate re this as it has wiped 4 years from her 25years and is stopping her getting married as cannot work and Fiance on the injured list as well.

    There was "another" natural product provider who said he could gaurantee 95% of cfs patients he sees will be cured in 90 days. This only for $3000US for 90 days of consults and products. So 2*$120 is cheap if it helps.

    I ran the idea of anti virals past her Doctor, first time I had seen him cringe, was very loathe to prescribe them and is talking to his medical defender whatever that is to see if he could. They would be full price as our Government here would not subidise it as she hasnt a proven viral aliment.

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  5. AnjieCFSFM

    AnjieCFSFM New Member

    I sure hope your daughter does better in the coming years...she's about the same age I was when my body began changing for the worse...~*Anjie*~
    p.s.MUSTLUVDOGS...thank you :) You're sweet!

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