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    Anyone out there tried Activive? I see a few have thought about it, I am too. Please let me know of any positive results...
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    just bumping to try and get an answer.
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    Just curious... what does it do?
    Tc, kfrankstx :)
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    Rather than wait for reply I went out and got 3 mths supply for my daughter who has CFS really bad in her eyes. Any use of her eyes for computer use or reading makes her feel foggy brain etc. She has been diagonosed with CFS 3 years ago and after using activive the past 7 weeks she seems (and this is only a feeling of hers) to be a bit better.

    She can focus though a microscope where as before she hasnt been able to (Her profession is a medical scientist so no microscope, no profession). We cannot say a definite yes or no there hasnt been a great improvemnent and she rattles as she is taking vitamins (a lot of fish oils and vitamin E).

    There is some hope but other than 1 poster on another site who has not returned I havent seen another using it who is not mentioned on their promo site.

    The jury is still out.

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