Actor Peter Falk died

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    I always liked Peter Falk. I have a vague memory of the Movie "Pocketful of Miracles" --a sort of Cinderella story and how Peter Falk was working for the guy and getting beat up by the mobster. As I remember, it was Bette Davis that became the "Cinderella" character.

    I then enjoyed him in the TV show Columbo. They wanted to do a wardrobe for him for that character and he said no, and used one of his own raincoats, all rumpled--and it became the trademark of the character. There have been stories that the raincoat was buried underground for a week to get that really rumpled and distressed look, but I never found out the true story.

    Then they put out paperback books on the Columbo series and I have them all--they only put out about 5 of them. They have Columbo solve a crime, but also have him take part in an real-life crime such as the Manson murders or the JFK assassination. i enjoyed the books and wished they had put out more of them.