Acupressure - It works!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mumu, May 31, 2003.

  1. Mumu

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    I recently bought a book on acupressure and started working on myself each night in bed, just holding my fingers on the points that were especially tender (I had about a million of them at first). Gradually there were fewer and fewer points that hurt. After only a few days my nightly headaches went away, and this was after a full year of being awakened by that sharp pain over my eye every night. My neck pain has improved tremendously, too, and the night sweats seem to be improving, although not completely gone. I'm having fewer migraines and taking less medication to control them. I still have some body aches, but I plan to keep using the acupressure and see if those continue to improve, too. I recommend this to anyone who wants to get better without spending a fortune on doctors. You don't even have to buy a book, although the diagrams are helpful. It's not hard to find the tender points by just starting on your head and feeling for them all the way down your body, mainly along the edges of bones. You find two matching points and hold pressure on them until the pain goes away, then move to two other points and do the same thing. It's also very relaxing, which helps you sleep better.
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    Body works does help. Massage has really helped me.
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    This is facinating, didn't know all you had to do was feel for tender points. Was shown a different book on this years ago but that just illustrated a couple of points which made little difference. This is so easy and costs nothing, worth a try.

    Incidentally I have had traditional acupuncure throughout my illness. No cure but it does help with some things.


  4. Mumu

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    I've had different kinds of body work done - Reiki, massage, acupuncture, etc., and they're all good, but I never could afford to go often enough to keep the improvement going for long. I like this acupressure method because I can do it myself, and I can do as much or as little as I want each time. It may not help all my symptoms...too soon to tell...but it sure has helped some of them. I found that I had about two dozen pairs of tender points on my head and face alone when I started. Today I only found five.
  5. sb439

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    I often press two matching hurting points on my face, especially around the eyes, as that seemed to help with headaches. (I didn't know that it's called acupressure.) You say hold until it stops hurting. Can you give an idea of how long this is? rather, say, 20 seconds, or 5 minutes? Many thanks.
  6. Mumu

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    Some of the points stop hurting after about 30 seconds. Others take longer. If I hold it more than a minute and it hasn't stopped hurting, I move on anyway. I work on them again each day, and gradually they become less tender, and some are not tender at all now.