Acupuncture and insurance?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lisjhn, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. lisjhn

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    Has anyone else had much luck with insurance paying for acupuncture? I guess it all just matters which State you live in and which insurance you have. I have Basic Health (Community Health) here in Washington and it's hard.

    I'm just kind of confused about the whole thing because the referral came from Harborview Medical Center, in which they didn't take my insurance but accepted my medical vouchers from DSHS. Then THEY give me a referral for 10 visits and said just go find yourself an acupuncturist and hand this to them, most everyone should take this. WRONG!!! I've been through the whole list in the yellow pages only to find a lot of disconnected numbers and the rest were people who didn't take my insurance and none took the vouchers.

    However, on the brighter side, I had one guy say as a last resort he'd take me and to call back if I can't find anyone else. He felt bad for me. I guess they just don't like to wait 3 months to get paid while the insurance companies sit on it watching the interest grow.

    I don't know, I'm confused about the whole thing, and frustrated right now. Anybody have good results with acupuncture?
  2. healing

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    I have had excellent results with acupuncture, but not totally great results getting my insurance to cover it. I receive acupuncture regularly -- less for pain relief (it frequently hurts a great deal) than for general system support. It relieves many of my other symptoms, including digestive tract problems, swelling, headaches and muscle tension, some inflammation, allergies.

    I have Blue Cross (federal plan) and it does cover from 50-60 percent of my treatments. I am fortunate to have such good insurance, but even they stiff me from time to time. I know how desperate one can feel when you don't feel good and you still have to argue with these guys. I hope it gets better for you quickly and soon.
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    What exactly is acupucture? Is that were they use the needles? Please explain more. Thanks
  4. lisjhn

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    Yes, I think the acupuncture will help a great deal. (Can't hurt, right!) I've heard of a lot of people having success with it. At least for the individual symptoms I get like headaches, nausea and digestive problems. I don't want to take anymore meds, but I want a quality of life, so hopefully the acupuncture and physical therapy will help. Just got to find someone that will accept my insurance. No wonder they have no problem giving out referrals, because they know nobody will take you! Ha. Like I said though, I found one acupuncturist who will accept Basic Health but doesn't really want to, just feels for me and said to call him back if I have no luck finding someone else.

  5. healing

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    yes, acupuncture is where they use the needles. there are several different "styles" or schools of acupuncture that involve how the needles are inserted and manipulated or treated.

    I myself experience a fair degree of pain when receiving acupuncture in tender points or near inflamed joints. if my system is very reactive, anything can set me off. i am frequently exhausted after a treatment. nevertheless, acupuncture always helps me within a day or so after the treatment.

    usually when i receive acupuncture, they attach battery-powered wires to transmit small electrical shocks (doesn't hurt and can be downright funny if done to needles in your face) to the needles, or they use moxa (a tight bundle of herbs) that burns like charcoal to heat the needles.

    i think it's the greatest thing. if you get a chance to try it, please do. my husband gets it for his arthritis and it doesn't hurt him at all, helps him a lot.
  6. lisjhn

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    What employer?! Ha. I haven't been able to work for awhile now. But my referral says 10 visits, I just have to clear up the confusion with my insurance company tomorrow. Evidently one guy takes it so maybe they all do, just don't want to, because of the long wait to get their money. I did hear that alternative medicine was soon to be covered in Washington State. Wonder if the bill passed.....

    Got some phone calls to make tomorrow.....goodnight!