Acupuncture and Physical therapy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jofla, Sep 2, 2003.

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    I went to rhuemy today 2nd one in the 11 years since I have had this thing. He said since I have sensitivity to medication that I should try accupuncture and physical therapy. He says that it works for 50% of his patients. Also meditation and tai chai (sp). He told me that in 2 years there should be a med out specifically for people with fibromyalgia. He also told me to try to take a full 10mg of flexeril, I am only taking 1/4 of it, and that I really shouldn't experience any bad side affects from it. He also gave me ultram, take 1/2 of 37.5 mg to start with. He doesnt think that I should have problem, but doesnt the Ultram cause seizures? Might just try the accupuncture and physical therapy. He also said be careful who I go to, make sure that they specialize in people with fibromyalgia or else I will be in worse shape than I am in. I am seriously thinking about that. Would be nice to find something that would help and I wouldn't have to pop a pill. I was hoping that he would tell me that the fibro went away but unfortunately he just reinforced the fact that yes, I do indeed have this DD.