Acupuncture anyone?????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chrisRN, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. chrisRN

    chrisRN New Member

    New to the site and unfortunatley new to this diagnosis as well. I've been researching and found that some people have found pain relief with acupuncture. Anyone try it? Please let me know good or bad. PS I'm glad I found this site. Having this syndrome is the pits but having others who understand is priceless. Chris Ps Feel free to email me if anyone wants to share storeis and support each other. [email address removed]
  2. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i was feeling lazy so i copied a post i made to another thread about acupuncture. i'm a huge advocate!

    after battling this illness for almost 2 years now, acupuncture remains the best thing i've done for myself. the most amazing differences for me we're in the realm of immune support. we take so many supplements to control yeast, food allergies, viral symptoms, etc., and i have to say, that was all a thing of the past for me when i was receiving regular acupuncture treatments. i got greedy though and felt i could do more for my fatigue and pain, so i stopped going and went to war with my body, tweaking hormones, killing yeast and viruses, and making myself sick as a dog. KILLING doesn't work, for me at least. to regain our health, we have to help our body get back to a point where it can handle all this stuff on its own. so i'm going back to acupuncture. my acupuncturist is my physician, masseuese (tui-na), and psycho-therapist all rolled up into one, and it's all completely natural and non-invasive. if i pay upfront at the beginning of the month ($250), she gets me in twice a week. it's a drop in the bucket compared to money i've spent elsewhere only to relapse.

    i hope it provides the same benefits for you!

  3. amejia

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    I am actually going tonite once I get out of work. I have been going for about 8 months now. I go every other week now. AT first she worked on my fatigue and that is the ONLY thing that has helped me. Now she is addressing my pain but has ok success with that so far but if I miss an appt I can really feel it, like I have just plain run out of juice...

    You really have to find a good person though, much like any other doctor. For my first appt she spoke with me for about 45 min before doing anything. She also explained that after 4 treatments if I didn't notice any changes then it just wouldn't work for me. I was kind of leary at first because I had a chiro tell me that I had to see him for several months before I should see any progress.

    I would say try and see if it works for you some people have no luck with it...

  4. Grandma6

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    Hello chrisRN,

    My dgt works at a rehab clinic & one of the docotrs there does acupuncture and she was tellih him about me and he offered to give me 6 free sessions of acupuncture since insurance doe not cover. So I asks my main doc and he said that it can't hurt and maybe it will help. Now he only believes in one kind of acupuncture and it so happens that the clinic doctor uses that kind, (can't remember what it is called), so I went for it.

    The 1st treatment was good, I actually got a good nites rest but after that I couldn't tell any difference. The clinic doctor said that after 6 tretments if it doesn'twork then chances are it won't work on me. He feels my main problem is I can not "clear my mind". I know this sounds strange but I have had many doc's tell me this but I have never been able to just clear my mind. My husband says it's easy but for some unknown reason, I just can't do it.

    I do believe some people can benifit from acupuncture because my doc told me that he had a brother that had surgery with only using acupuncture as his anathesia, (and he's a doctor), and I have a friend that uses it when she goes to the dentist to have a tooth pulled.

    Good Luck,
  5. Pianowoman

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    Hi Chris,
    There was a recent post on this and you can get more information by using the search box at the top left.

    I have been getting acupuncture for a long time and I think it is helpful. It has helped my pain and energy and can be very relaxing. It does depend on the practitioner.

    Good Luck!


  6. chrisRN

    chrisRN New Member

    these were great to hear. i am glad it works for some people. it sounds like it is definitely worth a try. i assumed insurance wouldn't cover it so it's good to know that at least some insurance co's do recognize it as treatment. it is a good thing our western docs are recongnizing it. also, thank you for the search tips. i didn't know i could do that! that is a very informative tool that i am sure i will use. thanks again. and sorry aboutthe email address...i didn't know it was against the rules. oopsie!
  7. chrisRN

    chrisRN New Member

    I almost forgot! I do live near Scottsdale, AZ and would love the name of that acupuncturist! Please let me know! Thanks a bunch, Chris
  8. ChattyCathy

    ChattyCathy New Member

    I haven't tried it only because I can't find anyone to do it. Last month I read an article that the Mayo Clinic had a research project showing that it was beneficial...
  9. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I started going when I was dx'ed with "frozen shoulder" (shortly after receiving my FM diagnosis). I couldn't lift my arms higher than a 90 degree angle, and it hurt to lay on my side because of the pain in the shoulder joint. Acupuncture helped with that immediately, and by the third visit I could raise my hands above my head with no pain!

    I have continued to go to the acupuncturist for the FM. It has not helped with the FM pain as much as I would like but I can tell a big difference when I don't go so I keep it up. I wish it would help the fatigue though. I can't find anything for that.

    In general, I would highly recommend trying acupuncture for yourself. Even if it doesn't help, it can't hurt.

    Good luck!


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