Acupuncture, Check it Out

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    and there is a lot of info in PH's search engine on past posts and stories of success.

    I've just completed my 3rd session of electro stim with heat acupuncture and getting "subtle" changes...

    I'm sticking with it.

    Lots of info on Dr. Google for acupuncture and all health issues.

    On Neuropathy: Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for chronic pain, possibly including the pain of neuropathy. Keep in mind that you may not get immediate relief with acupuncture and may require more than one session. [This Message was Edited on 09/07/2012]
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    I have found acupuncture to be the most important tool in medicine! And, I’m so excited that acupuncture is in the discussion. I graduated medicine in 1983 and I have been using acupuncture in my practice for the past 15 years. I have found it to be a phenomenal medical tool to address a lot of common family practice issues. Acupuncture is an outside in type of therapy, meaning you have to use your hand and this tool to get the best benefits.

    First, let me explain how this all-natural process works.

    1. The thin flexible solid stainless steel needle is inserted into the skin and muscle and causes microscopic tissue injury. That injury triggers a healing cascade of repair. The injury is repaired and any local secondary injury is also repaired.
    2. The stainless steel wire, once it enters the muscle, will trigger a muscular re-polarization and the muscle twitches. After the twitch, the muscle will relax. The relaxed muscle will be a little longer and less tense and tight.

    Think flesh/tissue and not bone/ligament/disc/nerves with chronic pain! Begin a self-care with a Wellness Program of Vits, Magnesium glycinate, sleep hygiene, exercise, self Massage, chiropractor, yoga, heat, Epsom tub soaking, stretching all are needed. In my practice I use Acupuncture and myofascial tissue release with trigger points w lidocaine.
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    good to hear it from one who works with acupuncture. Since I just started 3 sessions already, going once a week....talking to my neighbor who is 85, she went for 7 yrs to Dr. H here in our town to help save her eyesight and it worked for her...she spent money out of pocket and was going at first 3 times per week, then 2 times per week and then once a week and now she can't go....but will start with my rheumy soon who works with medicare on acupuncture...

    Dr H also worked on her thyroid and overall health.

    Too many naysayers who want to knock this 4000 yr work from China...I understand the Chinese go every day until they are healed of their health issue.

    Can folks who deal with CFS get results with acupuncture? I've read a lot of reports online that they can have success. [This Message was Edited on 09/08/2012]
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    and KNOW it's doing some lower pain buttock pain is lessening....

    My gf is going thru a series now for her back issues and she's able to go twice a week and yesterday she made the comment, she thinks she even hears better....My hearing is good but I think acupuncture works on all the senses of our subtle changes happen too.

    I do have to say, I hurt a little more after treatments, but then feel better......DrRod any comments....
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    I can sit at longer stretches and longer intervals with ibuprofen...the stenosis L4 and L5 was HORRID and feeling less with the acupuncture treatments....
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    I've been doing some reading on spinal stenosis and acupuncture and found this interesting:

    Acupuncture is effective and indicated for most of the body's health issues, it is generally recognized as being **stellar** for pain.

    Since lumbar pain is the number one condition affecting humans, it stands to reason that LAcs, who are so adept at relieving pain, are sharing a larger portion of the lumbar pain "new patient pie."

    I'm getting DEFINITE relief with the spinal stuff I'm dealing with.

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    I feel she has helped a lot with the pain BUT last tuesday my husband I had a huge go around which didn't help with the stress. I probably should have cancelled because all I kept doing was checking my much longer.

    She puts in the needles then uses a heat lamp. Asked me if I wanted to try electrical on the needles....I said no because didn't know how it worked or what it would do. Can you explain to me?
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    doing my 7th today....and yes I use electric stim on the needles placed at my lower back area....and the heat infra red lamp.

    You have to relax and let this 3000 yr practice do it's work....this is the medicine SO MANY need to be practicing.....don't be in a hurry to get it done....relax and let the work do it's work.

    My gf is going back now 3 times per week to Dr. Ha here in SM and he's been doing acupuncture since he was 9 yr old in china.....he's pricey but he heals....

    She's now having work done on her lymph nodes as her back is now doing pretty good. She has had a lot of groin pain and Ha said it's lymph nodes.....

    For me I KNOW it's working, I can sit on my spine and it doesn't HURT like it did before....

    I'm committed to this issues have been HORRIBLE for the last couple yrs.... jam
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    for the best fastest I understand it, in china people go every day for acupuncture for's like the big pharma of the u.s.

    If I had more ready cash, I'd do at least a couple times per week. No rich uncle out there.
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    about you and not doing the elec stim, she said you should really try it, have your acupuncturist go slowly with the strength of the stim, if it's too much, have the person stop.

    I'm pretty wiped out after my treatment, but improve as the evening goes on. jam
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    The first time I had acupuncture I could barely make it home before I hit the bed. Felt really strange and fatigued for about 3 days. Second time it took 5 days to get over the severe fatigue that hit me. 3rd time was about a day of bad fatigue. This 4th time I think I was so hyped up with the bad interaction with husband that I was running on adrenalin........bad move.

    I haven't made another appt. yet. It just doesn't seem to last for me if I continually am upset and stressed with my muscles. I try to practice deep breathing and meditation several times a day. Trying hard to let go of all the stressful things happening. Last week my heart rate was up to l30 bpm for almost 2 hrs. It's normally around l00.....only go down to 80s when I'm ready for sleep.
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    your stress stuff seems to be high in your life...that's a tough one...

    Some people continue to do acupuncture all their lives, keep themselves tuned up....I'll see how long I'll go. I've tried so much and don't want drugs and surgery, so not much left...and the fact that I can actually SIT longer re: spine is huge for me....
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    my rheumy to do the work on my front knees and feet/ankles...and I'm feeling a "tad" relief today. Sure wish I could go more often....
    Everything is worse on my right side of body, hip replacement side..

    She will go back to the back issues next week, she doesn't like to go to different areas....

    But said the needles in the ear and top of head work on the thalamus....controls pain....she does these areas every time I get treatments...
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    the changes I'm experiencing....

    Sleeping better and longer and NOT taking pain meds until much later in the morning....before acupuncture I found myself waking at 4-5Am and in pain.....

    Now it seems advil isn't taken until 7:30AM to 8:30AM after sleeping all night after taking advil at 10:30PM before bed...

    Still taking all my supps etc....but noticing these SUBTLE changes...that's what doctor is looking for, some progress...

    So, this "stuff" works but takes TIME and finding the doc to work with one....
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    If that really works for you then you should really have a Rhizotomy done. Same thing only deeper and it last a year! I would like to find someone who does that type of acupuncture here and right now but don't know what exactly to look for. I need it in a lot of other areas. I think my insurance will cover it as well.
  16. jaminhealth

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    Rhizo is invasive and the nerve endings are burnt as I understand it....acupuncture works on the qi flow of the meridians....gets blood flowing that has stagnated in's taken 10 sessions but I'm feeling more "flow" in my stiff/tight lower back...slow but it's happening....

    I don't expect a miracle but if this keeps me from a back surgery, I'm in for the long haul.

    Acupuncture works on so many areas and not invasive...just takes time...aren't there any acupuncturists in your area? They are everywhere down here. Just like dentists and lawyers and doctors......
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    herbal pain supplement I just started on is going to help me goal is taking less advil.... I have a Pain RX post on the FM/CFS board....
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    doctor did the work on my knees, feet and front of shoulders and the IT band damage down the side of thigh from hip replacement....I think we'll work on these areas for the next several sessions..... I do get subtle relief so it's working.
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    As of this week I'm going 3 times a week. I didn't go for 3 weeks and OMG...the pain really built up. My insurance is changing come january so it looks like I'll have to pay cash each time. Saturday and today she also put needles in my legs to open up the channels for energy. Come saturday evening I absolutely couldn't sleep. Felt very wound up so perhaps the channels were opened. Tried it again today plus about 20 needles in my neck and shoulders. Once I had on top of my head and several above eyebrows but I got a terrible headache for 3 days after that so no more for least right now.

    I'm continuing this because this seems to be the only help with pain. I have cervical spondylosis and also spinal stenosis. These two conditions are much worse than FM for me.
  20. jaminhealth

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    last Wed, she worked on knees/feet, my back started really hurting big time after saturday of playing bridge....sitting...

    So, wish I could work it to go two times per week, this way doc could work on front of body one day, back the other day....we'll see if I can do that...

    I've never gotten a headache, my doc puts 3-4 needles in one ear and that seems to cover a lot of pain channels.

    Sun, my issues are spinal spondylothesis and spinal stenosis....these way worse than FM issues.