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    Ok, I just completed my 13th electro stim acunpuncture treatment and will go for 14th on Wed.

    I see a wonderful alternative rheumy who does Acupuncture, Mesotherapy and Prolotherapy treatments. She's UCLA Med graduate but wanted to go for real "healing" treatments for her patients....she's a gem.

    I wasn't seeing her for FMS necessarily but for a messed up back and coccyx (spinal stenosis) as a result of hip replement surgery 2 yrs ago....I was a mess 5 months after this surgery.

    Anyway, I've done Meso treatments and then started on acupuncture 13 weeks ago and it's making a huge difference overall.

    Before acupuncture treatments, I would be awake at 4AM or so in pain and having to take a pain med, but NOW, I don't take my first advil until about 8:30AM or so after sleeping
    9-10 hrs.

    This is HUGE.

    I was just doing a search of acupuncture and FMS and found quite a few links and one even from Mayo Clinic applauding the benefits of acupuncture and fibro. The sites claim 90% of people with the FMS, go for alternative treatments.

    Some comments are:

    Less pain,
    Improved sleep,
    More Relaxation,
    Immune system boost,
    Improved overall health

    Research noted in that after 20 or so acupuncture treatments, people with FMS had significant improvement in pain and quality of life that lasted for 3 months after treatment was stopped, (there is more to this so do some reading on this). This is very interesting since I've really noticed a major improvement after the 13th session. People in China go for treatment every day until they are helped with their health issues.

    I will continue, of course, with my once per week treatments....and I'm finding that I can go longer in between iburprofen...the nights I can go all night from 10:30 or so until 8-8:30AM with no pain pill.

    Those who are suffering with FMS, and you can do it, go for the acupuncture treatments....

    I just did more searching and did one: Can Acupuncture "cure" Fibromyalgia....and info coming out of Mayo Clinic says they are using it more and more with success, may not be a cure, but helping a lot. It's sure helping me...[This Message was Edited on 11/25/2012]
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    It has helped my neck, but still have terrible pains some days. I told her the other day that it has definitely helped me loosen up in back.....I'm able to reach my hands behind my back for about l5 sec. and I absolutely couldn't do that before. She told me it's going to take a long time since I've had pain for at least 20 years. Long time for things to freeze up. Can't say I'm sleeping better yet.
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    then it's helping us. As long as I can I will do the once a week sessions.....
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    board with probably 50 some discussion groups and one is a Fibro talking about acupuncture and Fibro over there, several reported they've gotten good results and are continuing this protocol for the FM....