Acupuncture for Pain & Sleep

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    These 2 are big issues for MOST of us, probably all of us I should say. Talking to my rheumy today, had 14th session, we talked again about the Thalamus and it's controls the Pain Centers in the brain. Then, I just found this:

    The Thalamus regulates the sleeping and wakefulness states. The thalamus has strong reciprocal connections with the cerebral cortex, which in turn form the thalamo-cortico-thamlamic circuits, which takes care of consciousness.

    And the thalamus also has a major role to play in regulating arousal, level of awareness and activity.

    She places a needle in the top of my head and 4 needles on my ear (either ear)....these needles are directed to the Thalamus stim....

    I sleep good, but finding even better since these sessions.

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    I slept good last night and did have a treatment yesterday and interestingly, I was up and out of bed at 8AM this morning which is not my usual....I usually drag out at 9ish, but after my session was up and out of bed at 8....

    So for sure the thalamus is involved in sleep and awakeness periods...
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    for the brain areas...

    Reading about the Hypothalamus and Thalamus, when I was "hit" the FM emotional trauma in 1999 and my body went into a major SHOCK I read about the fight/flight/fright response connected to the hypothalamus...

    I believe many here had some physical or emotional shocks which affected these two brain functions....and sent them into FM.

    Maybe Ian or others can shed more light on this....

    I know something is "switching" when I do the acupuncture and especially the top of head and ear points which relate to the Thalamus.

    Some time back I took Hypothalamus support and will buy some again, this helps support the nervous system and more....

    A lot more stress has come into my body since hip surgery so it's more layers of the stress stuff....[This Message was Edited on 11/29/2012]
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    and then it started raining here, Never rains in So. Cal, but it has been for 3 I guess the weather is making me hurt more NOW.
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    the last 6 sessions she's also put needles in my legs for fatigue and the last 2 times in my calves also for leg pain. I do have to say I really am having more much that I don't crave or need an afternoon nap. And the awful draining fatigue seems to have left me so far. Fatigue was the first thing I noticed about how I felt.....about l6 years ago. A year or so after that came the body aches. I hope this keeps up for me.

    A young woman was in today with diagnosed adrenal fatigue, wanting the doctor to help with the fatigue. For me it took about 3 sessions of needles in my legs for me to feel an uplifting of energy.
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    my doc claims the pain center is controlled by needle on top of head and in ear.

    I had a bad week this past with more pain, now was it the weather or am I just getting worse....she gave me a more aggressive treatment today, and hoping that I'll get back to where I was before this past week. She says I'll feel it more in the morning after a night's sleep. Fingers xxxxxx...

    I probably will have a Mesotherpy session next week, it's been about 2 months since I had a session of homeopathy.

    Gotta hang in with this, I don't like the alternatives.

    Acupuncture addresses so many health does address adrenals. Take care and keep us/me posted on your progress. jam
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    I went today for a consult. My accupuncturist studied in China, has 19 years experience and is affiliated with Sloan Kettering. Good enough for me! And my internal medicine doc loves her and thinks she's right on. My so-called "pain (in the butt) management doc said she was "not qualified in pain" and doesn't like her at all. I'll go with my internal doc, thank you.

    She said fibromyalgia was mostly a malfunction of the liver (really?) and used as a throwaway diagnosis by many doctors. Ooohkaaayy...then I had to stand and hold a bottle of medicine in my right hand and hold out my left arm. Then she checked my resistance. It was strong. My body LIKED the herbal prep. Then she said "beef" and my arm could not stand the resistance! Beef was "bad". Chicken and fish were "good". I was a little spooked, but I am still going to try this. Lord knows, nothing else has helped!
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    does Muscle Testing, this is good....give it a good chance, not an overnight fix....the onion has to be peeled a lot for many of us.

    For a simple issue, it could be a quicker fix...

    My rheumy used needles in both thumb areas today, I've been waking up with more pain now in left hand, right hand thumb has been arthritic for over 25 yrs. We'll see how my hands feel in the morning. jam
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    in MUCH less pain and my hands didn't that treatment yesterday did GOOD....we'll see how many days it lasts,,,,my longest stretch has been 6 days of less pain...