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    I had read one of the articles on this website and it talked about the 17 acupuncture points for treating FMS. Does anyone know what points, or where I can find detailed info? I greatly appreciate any help! Thanks, Kat
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    I don't know the answer to our question.

    I just wanted to offer a bit of advice. If you decide to try acupuncture, make sure you choose a person who is very familiar with FMS and CFIDS and if you tend to suffer from anxiety they need to know this as well.

    I tried acupuncture on 2 separate occasions with different doctors. Both times I had a terrible reaction. First of all I couldn't get comfortable, laying flat, because I was in so much pain and everytime I moved the needles would stick me causing more pain. Plus, they left me alone in a room for a long time and I got very anxious. Both times I ended up crying and screaming for someone to come to my aid. Bad, bad experience.

    I have heard that Acupuncture is helpful for FMS, but I ask you to be careful when choosing the person who will do this for you.

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    Lolalee~ What an awful experience you had! I've been going to Samra University Acupuncture College. It happens to be right across the street from my apartment. Interns work on the patients, however, doctors lay out the treatment plan. You can request the same intern, so you can choose someone who really clicks with you and whose touch and technique suits you. Also, if you choose a particular day to go for treatments, then you can have the same doctor as well. There are about 10 doctors there, each with their own specialty. One of the docs I see is an expert in pain management. Unfortunately, I'm one of only a couple of FM patients, so there doesn't seem to be tons of knowledge of exactly how to treat this illness. I do know that it's just going to take a while. We've had this illness in our bodies since birth, so reversal will take a while. Another thing: Each room has a panic button! How smart is that? Of course, the one day the intern forgot to give it to me is when I really needed it. I heard people outside the door so I just yelled until someone came in. I agree, not a pleasant experience, but it didn't deter me. I, too, am sore a couple of hours after my treatment, and usually the next day. But, there's so much going on inside me after a treatment, I guess it's to be expected. We are in a class of our own. Most people feel great after a treatment, but not FM sufferers. I do hope at some point that I will actually feel better right after a treatment. I'm patient~ no pun intended. What else is there? I've tried the guaifenesin protocol and that just made me feel much worse. Of course, everyone else feels better. Let's face it, it's sucky, but it beats waking up dead in the morning. I wish you the best of luck and health! Kat
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    I loved the acupuncture for my pain. I can't affor to get it very often though because my insurance don't cover it. But if I get a chiro adjustment at the same appointment, he only charges $40 for it, which is cheap compared to some of the responses I have seen on this board.

    Hopefully you can find what your looking for.

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    Dear Kat,
    Although I have CFIDSand Fibro, I amm undergoing acupuncture for a bone marrow infection, and rheumatoid arthritis.

    What you describe is really unfortunate. My Dr. (A Cinese Medicine Dr.) graciously offered to give me my treatments sitting up, when I told him it was hard for me to lie down. He puts the needles in. They are supposed to "twang" when put in. That shows they are in the meridian point. It also hurts when you move, if they are in the muscle. Usully some are, and some aren't.

    He leaves me alone, listening to soft music and with the lights dimmed, for 20 minutes, at which time he comes in and tweaks the needles. tThen I sit for another 20 minutes. After the treatmet, I go home and go to sleep, usually for 3 to 4 ohurs. I also need to rest the next day. Then I am rewarded by better sleep, mood, and energy, not to mention no Fibro pain. I can also breathe and concentrate better. This lasts for about a week, and then tapers off.

    He should have explained things to you, so you wouldn't have become anxious. I'm sorry you had a bad time. I hope you will try it again, someday, with someone who is a master.

    . They should, also, by the way, be masters in one of the Chinese "martial" arts, like Chi Gung or Tai Chi. Acupuncture is not only physical. It is also emotional and spiritual. A person who has just gone to school to learn it, and has no spiritual component, is not fully prepared.

    Good luck,
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    Hi Terry~

    Actually, it was Lolalee who had the bad experiences. I've been very fortunate. The only really bad experience I've had there was with this one doctor, who was an arrogant idiot. After my experience with him, he was fired! He had the bedside manner of a shark.

    I'm sorry to hear that you have this infection on top of all the other nastiness! How long have you been going for acupuncture? Does it help your FM at all?

    Thanks, Kat
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    I've been going for acupucture for only about 1 1/2 months. I've had three treatments.

    I was amazed at how much it helped my Fibro. Although I will admit that my Fibro has been in a kind of remission, and has not been bad, I absolutely have no Fibro pain at all,now, except for a few occasional twinges in my upper back.

    What makes me VERY happy, is that my powers of concentation and my memory have really improved. I can read for longer periods of time now, and I can remember what I read. This has opened the world to me, again. I did my part, too, by getting large print books when I can. This helps reduce the effects CFIDS has on my eyeballs.

    I feel a lot better, in may areas, and am sleeping better, too.


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