Acupuncture stories?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by westernstar, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. westernstar

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    I am new to this message board. Has anyone tried acupuncture to relieve FM pain?

  2. EllenComstock

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    but my doctor suggested it. When I told him that my insurance won't cover it, he said he would bill it under something else so they would. I know it's not real honest, but I thought it was great that he was willing to do this so I could try this treatment. I am interested to see what others have to say about this before I try it myself.

    Ellen Comstock
  3. MissRachel

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    Hi Westernstar,

    I have not had Acupuncture, but i'm at the point that i'm willing to try anything to get rid of head, neck and shoulder pain! Does it do wonders as they says it does?

  4. Annie3

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    I haven't been doing it for years, but for about eight months. The practitioner I see is Ayurvedic (originiates from India) and incorporates herbs in her practice. What I've found is that from visit to visit, the pain can be treated pretty well, but it has been temporary, lasting from a day or two to a week. BUT the longer I continue I start to notice "breaks" and dips in the pain level between visits. Kind of like when storm clouds start to break up. You have to be patient and committed to doing this for a while to see the benefits, and need to be willing to try things you may not be familiar with. The greatest benefit from this treatment is that she helps me to pinpoint underlying contributors to stress and pain levels and has helped me turn around some pretty destructive habits in some remarkably simple ways.

    I have been really agressive on my own about researching and trying herbs and supplements using the search tool on this website and google, and have found some helpful things. I've never had an interaction problem between the acupuncture herbs and the things I try on my own. Oldie or newbie, you find out pretty quick that what works for some people may or may not work for you...except magnesium (citrate or glycinate) for some reason. If you haven't tried it yet for the pain, it really seems to help a lot of people.

    Take care,
  5. kerrymygirl

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    I had accupunture 2 times a week with massage 2xwk,with pt.2xwk. So six days I was doing something for 2 mo. after car accident. For me it gave me some added energy every once in awhile. It was about $8,000 2 mo. later that I got about 2 wk. of some real type relief. It was nice, but it took 1 barometric pressure change and was back to square 1.
    If that was the cause or just timing because I prob. was doing more than usual feeling better. Plus I was exhausted with all that running around everyday.

    I cannot say most people I know get any lasting relief.

    If you can afford it it is worth a shot. Since we all react diff.

    My accupuncturist says it made him sleepy and it gave me a boost in energy. I always felt weak and dizzy at first then I would get a boost of endorphins I gather. Never really did a whole lot for pain. The right massage therapist helped more or PT. But has to be the RIGHT 1.

    Good Luck, let us know.....
  6. todayisagift

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    I have had about 5 or 6 sessions now and it can actually help in those of you who are badly constipated. She actually got me so I wasnt constipated for a week, no lie! The pain goes away sometimes but comes back but it does help with your energy levels. At my place we pay for 10 visits straight up in order to get a discount. She has told me that FM patients need to go for at least 3 to 5 months to get real help. That will be an expensive proposition were talking about thousands and thousands of dollars here. And of course my insurance covers acupuncture but not my version of the coverage.
  7. jkd7058

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    I happened to go to my chiropractor in a H%LL of a flair-up. I could hardly walk. Every inch of my body hurt. She took one look at me and suggested I have accupuncture instead of an adjustment. (I too thought that an adjustment would be too painful- I couldn't even stand to have anyone touch me.)

    During the acupuncture treatment I was in a lot of pain. Just laying still for that long was terrible. It was hard to get off the table, but by the time I walked outside, my legs weren't hurting as much. By the time I got home I could walk up the stairs with out pain. Then when I was sitting in my chair watching TV I realized - I was out of pain. I could actually reach over and pick up my water glass with NO pain. I started laughing - picking up a water glass was a small thing to most people, but to me it was unbelieveable.

    I've been pretty good since then (about 8 weeks now). I'm just now getting my neck and shoulder pain back. Guess I'll see about another treatment soon.

    Good luck if you decide to try it.
  8. FM58

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    I went quite a few years (before the fibro dx) ago to an accupuncturist MD for back pain, it really helped. I stopped going however because I got po'ed because he left me waiting for an hour in the chilly room with the stupid gown on - just waiting for him to come in! I was so annoyed I never went back, the other pain management (who I truely liked) doctor stood in amazement while I told this doctor off!

    Now I have different insurance, I'm still waiting for my PCP to give me a referral & hoping it will help the fibro & the migraines.

    My insurance now has some accupuncurist's that are MD's and some that are not. My co-pay is the same either way. I looked up the non-MD accupuncture school, it actually looks pretty impressive. For convenience sake, the non MD is closest. 1 MD is a slight possibility, not exactly close - all others much too far even to consider, there's no way I could do it on a regular basis.