acupuncture today-results!

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    So I made it through my first appt.!!! I was nervous so she put one in the center of my forehead to calm me down but that one actually hurt the worst so she took it out and put two in my ears! She starts out slow. I only had them in for 6 mins...and I had some effects!

    After I got up from the table I felt fine but then when I was driving home I almost hit another car. I am definitely bringing a driver from now on! I was soooooo calm and relaxed. I did not have a care in the world. I felt like someone gave me some sort of drug so I guess it did something. I laid down for a few hours and the drowsiness went away. I looked on the internet and they siad this is normal the first couple of times.

    I go back once a week for 6 weeks then once to twice a month. She promises to help me with the fatigue and fevers. She diagnosed me with heart, blood and yin deficiency.

    The only other weird side effect I had is this gas and pressure through my whole chest and tummy! It is making tons of noises! Did anyone else have this?
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