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    has anyone tried acupuncture? if so, what has your experience been???

    thanks for your time
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    I found an article on line discussing a study that showed that acupuncture helped fibro symptoms. Consequently, I gave it a shot. I tried it twice and it actually exacerbated my symptoms so I abandoned it. I believe acupuncture stimulates neurotransmitters so I imagine it can help, but again, in my case it left me worse off so perhaps the clinician I used stimulated the wrong points.

    To read the article see
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    I started acupuncture off and on last year and each time I would feel somewhat better, but it wasn't until a few months ago that I began acupuncture on a weekly basis that I have seen a huge difference. My pain has diminished, my sleep is much better, concentration better and the list goes on. The lady that is my acunpunctrist has been doing this for over 20 years and is very knowledgable and I have never left her ofice not feeling better than I came in.

    I do have to admit I had seen another acupunctrist before the one I have now,who was recommended by my PCP (surely he was getting a cut back by recommending him) because not only was he horrible,he caused more pain than I originally had in the beginning. I actually told him on my second visit to take whatever needles he had put in and take them out, as I was leaving and I wanted to be reimbursed for the treatment I had received or I was reporting him. So be very careful who you choose for acpuncture. Just like doctors, there are good ones and bad ones.

    Good luck!!!

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    This question has come up before, so you may want to do a search.

    I have had excellent experience with accupuncture. I go to an accupuncture college, so my treatments are less epensive. It helps with tight muscles, indigestion, pain, allergies, colds, .... nearly everything. Be sure you tell them everything; in Chinese medicine everything is connected.

    Hope that helps.