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    I've been thinking of non medication ways to help my Fibro pain and Acupuncture came to my mind. I am curious if this type of treatment could be covered by insurance if my doctor deems it to help my pain? Has anyone tried acupuncture? If so,did it help and approx. how much did it cost (out of pocket)? Thank You! daytripper. Here's to more pain free days! :)
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    I was in terrible pain when I went due to degenerative back/neck problems. I went to a small office with just the Chinese doctor and her secretary. My insurance at the time was Aetna and it was taken care of by insurance under physical therapy. I've since changed insurance and this one doesn't pay.

    It helped the pain a lot in the beginning but after about l4 visits I started thinking it was irritating the neck muscles so I tapered off then had to stop completely due to the flu and now insurance. Without insurance this doctor charged $55 per visit but if I prepaid l0 visits it would be $45. You need to first check with your insurance.
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    I am considering acupuncture as a way to complement my Qigong practice since they are more or less working under the same ideas.

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    Hi there again! Thanks so much for all your replies/advice. I will make a call to my insurance co. and also talk to my PCP about on how he may be able to help with some referrals. In the past 12 years since being diagnosed with FM/CFS Acupuncture has been the only thing I haven't tried so I want to give it a shot! ----- Again thanks to all who replied! Love, daytripper:eek:)

    BTW neoplus1.....What is Qigong? Thanks.