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    Has anyone tried it, or even herbal medicine? I am going to try to go to an acupuncture center by my house that also deals with reflexology and herbal medicines. I just wondered if anyone has felt better from these things? My mom had a realator come to our house one day and she just happened to have FM and she told me she did acupuncture and she felt incredibly better so I feel like why should I not try it.
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    if you can afford it. I have always preferred to take the 'alternative' route to treatments for most ills.

    Different people respond differently to all these complementary therapies, just as we react differently to prescribed drugs and conventional treatments.

    Reflexology is very relaxing, and I have had acupuncture for various problems in the past (it helped a lot) so as I say, if you can afford it then try these things out, Keep an open mind and don't expect miracles, but you may find one of them makes a big difference for you.
    Pam xxx
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    Acupuncture works fab for me improved all symptoms of CFS and I get better and better. Good luck
    mitch ( Yah for eastern medicine!)
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    Megan, acupuncture for FM has mixed results. It varies tremendously on the individual case. It does help me, but it can cause me to feel much worse for a day or two afterward. More importantly, it can relieve some of the other symptoms of FM, like IBS. It can stimulate your immune system. If you have migraines, it can sometimes help. It's certainly worth a try (you'd have to pay me big big bucks to give mine up). However, this mixed bag of results may explain why your doctor dismissed your request. Maybe you can find a doc who specializes specifically in acupuncture and get him/her to treat your symptoms. I also use homeopathics and herbal remedies, physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation. We have a disease with varied symptoms, so I believe it's good to have a varied approach to treating it.