acyclovir with famvir

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    Hi all, wonder if there is an additive effect of adding acyclovir to the famvir that i already take. Responses appreciated.
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    Have done quite well on famvir but have taken a bit of a backward slide last few weeks. I would like to take a higher dose of famvir(currently on 250mgx2day) but it is extremely expensive($200), but can get acyclovir at a reasonable price on the net and just thought by taking acyclovir with famvir would work out cheaper then just increasing the dose of famvir and maybe get a 1+1=3 effect, maybe.

    Have added inosine(similar to immunovir) last week so will see how it go's as well as a chinese herb combo ginseng dang gui 10 that my doc says they use in cancer patients who's immune systems are struggling as my immune system is at the moment with low neutrophils and a low cd4 cd8 ratio.

    Thanks for the replies guys.
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    Have put in an order for 200mg acyclovir x90, so 6 weeks worth. In the past this internet pharmacy has taken awhile before recieving the goods, so when i get it i will look at taking 200mg twice a day with the 250mg of famvir twice a day. This should give me some time to see how i react to the inosine and the herbal powder my doc put me on.

    I have noticed that the inosine has stopped that grating sandy feel in my joints, which i think it helped me with last time, i think it works on this inflammation as inosine can raise uric acid levels(being weiry of gout) and it works like an antioxidant and can help reduce inflammation. I was hoping it would help with my insomnia which it did last time but for some reason not this time, maybe need to be on it longer.

    The herbal powder is suppose to strengthen my immune system as my neutrophils had dropped so hopefully get some feed back on this from blood tests.