Acyclovir / Zovirax Antiviral Anyone tried this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmfriend, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    The other day I called my PCP to tell him that the LLMD did find Lyme and put me on 2 ABX. I also told him how terrible I was feeling basically bedridden couldnt take care of kids, home.. and hoping for a suggestion for help. No help there but. I told him I also tested posative for Active EBV/Mono and Active herpes virus so he said he would put me on what any antiviral I wanted.

    I didnt know which one to pick so I let him decide and he chose one that he thought would be good for both and yet be inexpensive.He said I can change and try a differant one when or if I want to. I am so happy especially hearing the great result by "fight4cure"

    Its called Acyclovir also know as Zovirax. Has anyone heard of this or tried them.

    I am still pulsing the ABX weekly. This week I add in the flagyl. They told me this next week would be the hardest week. If Im already herxing this bad Im not looking forward to it.

    I didnt start the Acyclovir yet because I wanted to ask those of you here who might know. Should I really take the ABX and The AV togather. Something tels me not to. And it may be that I heard it from the Lyme clinic. I'll have to call them tommorow. My PCP said it would be okay but he just really doesnt know.
    You all seem to know what is best here. I trust you all.

    I really want to know if any one has tried with any success.
    Cant wait to here.Hopeful!
    Blessings~ Sally

  2. iggyangel

    iggyangel New Member

    Ive been taking zovirax for a couple of weeks,
    Ive noticed:
    decrease in pain
    less brain fog
    Im sleeping more, but maybe thats due to a healing factor.
    my mood is better overall, I feel like getting out more.
    (which usually Im at home most of the time)
    fatigue is lessened during the day
    these are not dramatic but slight improvements, but only w/a couple weeks of use.
    I was never formally tested recently,
    but past tests indicated active EBV, mycoplasmas,
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Fight4acure spends much time answering questions and seems
    more than happy to respond. Direct a Post directly to her
    as she has been under Anti-Viral treatment with some en-
    couraging results.

    I also have a Doctor appt. tomorrow and will be having
    a like discussion with him about anti-virals. I hope
    there is some hope!

    Good luck,
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    But it is very expensive, no generic, and my ins. doesn't cover it. Soooo, I take the Acyclovir. Famvir is newer and has fewer side effects. The Acyclovir upsets my stomach but not badly enough that I would not take it. I only need it when my stealth viral infections reactivate and my zapper and transfer factor pulses are not strong enough to counteract the attack.

    Acyclovir is a good drug and should help. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  5. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    It sounds like Zovirax is helping you some. From what Im gathering it can be a slow proccess. But it must feel great to know your headed in the right direction.
    I'll take any improvement I can get.

    My problem is right now that Im being treated for the active Lyme and I dont know if I should do both treatments togather. I dodnt want ABX to affect the AV or vice versa.
    Mabey I should go to the Lyme sit and ask there.

    Iggy are you in nursing school? I think thats what I read on your Bio. Wow how do you manage? Congrats!!! That was always my dream. Im proud of you.
    Continued success for you.
    I'll be watching for your posts.
    Blessings ~ Sally
  6. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    Mr dad thank you so much for responding to me. You have responded several times in the past and I havent responded back because I have been so sick lately. I have had all I could do to post one post and that wore me out. I havent been able to sit up with this pounding head ache.I would post put down my laptop and be like a ragdoll on the bed and sleep for hrs..
    I have to tell you that Last week when I was having one of my horrible days and I felt like giving up your return post
    meant the world to me.You said you where following my posts
    and that you all were going to hang in there with me.
    Well...I cried.. I felt like I got a hug from a dad I never had. I needed that. So thank you and please dont think your posts arent appreciated if I cant respond.You are very much appreciated.

    This morning the headache is finally gone but that is becaause I am pulsing the ABX and didnt take them over the wekend.But its Monday.. oh boy I get to torcher myself with the herxes again.
    I just keep the end in site. Mabey someday we'll all be bicking togather with fight4acure.

    Good luck at your Drs visit today. Are you going to ask for an anti viral. Hopefully he will do tests to to find out exactly whats kickin around in your blood. I want to know what Im fighting against so i know how to best treat it.

    Good luck and Thanks Again :)
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I was taking the Famvir at the same time as the ABX for my mycoplasma infections and didn't have any problems with that. The doc said it was fine too. The only thing is that there can be some intense Herxing with two things killing off pathogens at once.

    Again, good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  8. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    for some reason i feek like I shouldnt take them togather.I dont if the Lyme clinic told me that or not. My PCP said it would be alright. I am herxing like crazy right now from the ABX for the Lyme and I aadded in the flagil last night to start that for a week along with the Amoxicillan and doxycycline. I was hurting so bad last night I couldnt sleep. I was moaning from pain in my joints. I'm so tired Im having to type with one eye closed because Im seeing cross eyed.

    Did you Have Lymes disease too? Why did you take them togather?

    When I tested for the Lymes I also tested really high for active EbV/mono,and active herpes. Now I know why I always get bubbles on the inside roof of my mouth when I start a major flair up.

    Ive had a horrible headache really sore throat, fever and dizziness for a month now so Im anxious to try the antiviral to see if that helps it go away. I cant stand feeling like this anymore.

    Im going to call the Lyme clinic this morning. I think it may have been them that told me I shouldnt take it now while on the ABX, but if I have a fever with mono arent I contagous? I worry about my kids being around me? I havent been able to drive so Im not getting out and passing it around. But you know I wonder just how long Ive had this.

    When I was first DX I had some horrible mono type virus then but was never tested for anything. I just had to ride it out and I remember being super sick for a long time.Then every year after that I would get pneumonia.And the CFIDS and FMS got so much worse.

    Anyway thanks for your response. I really appreciate it. I will let you know what the clinic says and how things are going.

    I think Im going to try to take a nap before my daughter wakes up this morn. Hopefully she will sleep late.
    Blesings ~ Sally ;)
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am so very sorry for all you are going through. I keep you in my prayers.

    As far as I know, I do not have Lyme; however, in 1990, I came down with a mycoplasma infection and it triggered my illnesses (FMS/CFIDS) full blown. At that time, no one knew that, like with Lyme, the mycoplasmas can change shape and go deep into the body's tissues to become a chronic infection. I was very, very sick but after a couple of rounds of ABX, I started to improve but was never the same again. I was crippled for months after.

    It was after I got so sick that I couldn't work anymore that I started to research online. I found Dr. Nicolson's website and showed articles to my doc. He put my on Doxy and three days later, I Herxed like I was gonna die. That was five years ago. I now only take the Doxy when I start to get symptoms of the mycoplasma infection. That usually means I feel hot and am running a low-grade temperature. It usually happens when something else is making me sick and I am run down. The recent outbreak of Red Tide on our beaches here caused bronchitis. The Doxy also helped clear that up.

    I had been on the Doxy for several years before it was discovered that I had some kind of chronic viral infection. Sooooo, while I was taking the AV's and the ABX at the same time, the Doxy had had two years to kill off a lot of the mycoplasmas and my Herxing wasn't as bad from the Doxy as in the beginning. Perhaps, until one of the drugs has had a chance to kill off a lot of one pathogen, it is better to wait to take the other drug or to switch off on one and on to the ot her. Only problem is that if one goes off the ABX too soon, like little terrorists, the bacteria will start to reactivate.

    I now only take the Acyclovir when I feel the symptoms of reactivation of the virus(es). That entails headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and sore throat, but no temperature.

    After I went off the ABX and AV, I started three months on Heparin and that caused very strong Herxing. I took TF C and TF 200 following that and again, I had strong Herxing. I now pulse the TF's for a couple of days every six weeks. It usually produces a Herx but as time goes on, the Herxing is usually lighter. Every now and then, though, I will Herx big time when I pulse the TF's.

    I don't think our chronic infections ever really go completely away. It has been five years since I started treating mine. I recently e-mailed Dr. Nicolson and he answered that with both Lyme and mycoplasmas that there will be cysts deep inside the body which can reactivate. I think that is why it is also important to try to rest and not overdo and to try to build up the immune system.

    I take probiotics, undenatured whey and colostrum to help my immune system out.

    Well, I've written "War And Peace" here, but I think we can help one another and learn from one another, even though we are all different and react differently to treatments and meds. Dealing with chronic infections is a very long process which may never really end and it can get worse before it gets better. Again, good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  10. iggyangel

    iggyangel New Member

    It sounds like you have a great doctor!!! I hope this treatment helps you.
    THanks for the support of my RN stuff.. Im scared w/this DD but nothing will stop me,,, I dont care If I have to drag myself literally into class everyday,, cuz Im so sick and tired of this illness controlling every move...
    I think I might be herxing w/the zovirax if thats possible. cuz Im sooooooooooo tired last couple of days, were talking 16+ hours per night,
    Oh well..
    I feel Ok once Im awake,,,,
    please keep us posted on how you are feeling?
    My pain is still deceasing... THank GOd.
    I have mycos too, and I have to start the Doxy or mino therapy again.... did it two years ago and it helped, but now its back...
    So Ill be a walking pharmacy for awhile!!!!
  11. Chootik

    Chootik New Member

    Hi There.

    I'm currently taking Accyclovir and it has helped A LOT with my Brain Fog and also the little dark spots I was seeing in my vision.

    I basically took 3 weeks of 3200mg/Day, then I switched to 1600mg/Day and then to 800mg/Day. Overall I'll take it for 3 months.

    I did notice I get a higher Pulse rate and my nervs were getting agitated at the higher doses. But I guess it's all worthed since it will be killing the damn EBV and HHV6.

    How long are you suppose to take it? How much are you taking?
  12. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

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