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  1. heapsreal

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    Hi all, i currently take famvir (250mg twice/day) which is working well for me, but is expensive, so Im wanting to know if anyone has had good success with acyclovir for ebv reactivation and what dose you used. Also does Dr Lerner and other guru's use/recommend acyclovir?

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    you should email dr. lerner and ask. he will email in a week or so. also, you can ask kristin loomis at the HHV6 foundation via email...

    you can obtain generic valtrex from apotex in canada but that's still not cheap....

    good luck
  3. Mikie

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    Dose is 400 mgs. once a day. I took Famvir for about 1 1/2 years and switched over to transfer factors. I keep the Acyclovir on hand in case of a reactivation. Someone here mentioned that Famvir converts to Acyclovir in the body. I think Famvir has fewer side effects but it is expensive. My ins. won't cover it but the Acyclovir works fine and side effects did go away over time.

    Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Forebearance

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    I hope you figure out something that works for you and you can afford, heapsreal.

    Just a note: in a study quoted on the website enzymestuff, the enzyme supplement Virastop was found to kill Shingles as well as acyclovir.

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    Thank you SO much for the info on 'Virastop' Forebearance. I looked it up on iHerb and the customer reviews for it seem most impressive (LINK: ) so I'm going to give it a go!

    I'm very much in a similar position to Heapsreal (we follow each other round on the antiviral quest lol!) in the fact that I find Valtrex helps me, but I can't afford to take it at either the workable dose or for the length of time required ........ I'm really hoping this Virastop might provide a solution.

    Does anyone have an opinion on whether transfer factors can be taken alongside the Virastop, or will the Virastop kill what's in the TF's (what common sense is telling me what would happen)????

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    thanks everyone. May just have to try acyclovir and see what happens, 400mg (200mg twice/day), now that i am working fulltime again, i shouldnt whinge about the money and stay on famvir for 12 months before changing anything. I am definately not far off being normal and i wont say I am until i have been feeling well for 12 months and am off meds. With shift work i dont think i will ever be off sleep meds though.

    The cats whisker hows things, posted a topic not long ago to see how you were doing, i think you were on the chelation thing, how did it work out for you? Have you given the inosine thing a go yet? What dose of valtrex were you on, i know dr lerner recommended 4000mg($$$), i tried 1000mg and got nothing but have had good results of famvir at 250mg twice a day which i think is comparative to the valtrex dose i used but got results from famvir?? different meds different people.

    Hi Sue, i see your posts and feel your frustration, hope you can get some answers soon, maybe ampligen if the rescent posts on it pan out, all we can do is keep on keeping on.

    Thanks again everyone!
  7. thecatswhiskers

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    So great to hear you're so much better, I'd stick with what you're on whilst you can afford it as it's obviously doing the job for you. I'm so sorry I misssed your earlier post, I'm in the process of moving house (a big step) and it's been taking up most of my thoughts, time and energy .... In a bit of a 'lull' with it at the mo tho so it's given me a chance to do some other things!

    I'm improving thank you, but it's very gradual. I've just done another heavy metals test, and although my levels are coming down, I've still got 3x the amount of lead, and 2x amount of mercury than I should have in me, so another round of chelation is on the cards. It's OK though, and it's relatively cheap, and I'm OK on the meds for it, so not the worst thing in the world!

    Re the Valtrex: I was given it for shingles (think I told you) in November last year, and 500mg x 4 daily, which I noticed was helping my M.E, not just the shingles. Since then, because of money, I'm currently taking a months course of 500mg x 2 daily ........ so as you can see, alot less than the Dr Lerner ideal :( Really wish I could afford more, and an extended course ..... a year or so at least.

    You're really tempting me to try the Famvir tho, and I'd be really interested to see how I get on on that, I think you said previously it was cheaper than Valtrex? I wonder if Famvir also has a generic?

    With regards the Inosine ........ bit of a strange one that! :) I went on it, and started to get a die off reaction (much like I'd had on the Imunovir), but stuck with it for the greater good .... but then, oddly, I'd been on it for 2 weeks ..... and that's when I came out in shingles! I didn't know how to make sense of that one quite! I do intend to try it again though, and see what happens ..........

    Take care,
  8. Mikie

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    I used to worry that the AV's would kill the transfer info in the TF's but most docs now say that isn't the case. So, my guess is that the enzyme would not kill the transfer info either.

    After taking the TF's, my immune system was so revved up that if I even got close to someone who had shingles, or was mostly recovered from them, I would have a HUGE immune reaction. I hope this means I have immunity from them. I certainly don't want to take the vaccine. Evidently the TF's helped keep the Herpes Chicken Pox virus latent and didn't allow it to turn into shingles.

    I am a HUGE believer in the TF's and think that if they are coupled with treatment to dissolve excess fibrin in one's blood, healing can happen. I'm not 100 percent yet, and the healing has been slow, but I'm grateful for any healing which has come my way. The TF's and Heparin were a big factor in my regimen. I've switched to Nattokinase, an enzyme, with vitamin E to replace the Heparin, which is no longer available.

    Love, Mikie
  9. thecatswhiskers

    thecatswhiskers New Member

    That's such useful info, thanks! :eek:) I'll take the TF's and Virastop together and not worry!

    Do you mind me asking what TF's you take Mikie? I am positive for EBV (not HHPV6 or CMV) and currently am taking ProHealth's TF100 (get quite a reaction from it!) and 4Life's 'Tri-Factor Formula' TF.

    Interesting you say that about the Heparin as I had a short (3 consecutive days) IV course of it and felt tons better for about 2-3 weeks, after which the effect wore off.
    How do you find the effects of Nattokinase and Heparin compare for you, does the Nattokinase work as good? What make and dosage do you take?
    I have a family history (father) of 'Hughes Syndrome' ('sticky blood') so wonder if a blood thinner could really help me.

    Kindest regards,
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  10. Forebearance

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    Hey, thecatswhiskers,

    I'm so glad you're going to try the Virastop. I would be interested to know how it works for you. I did get a die-off reaction when I began taking it. I still take it and still love it.

    And hey, Virastop contains Nattokinase, it does digest excess fibrin in the blood, and viruses can't become resistant to it. It doesn't usually conflict with other drugs or supplements. As far as I know, you can take it with anything. But I don't know for sure what it would do with transfer factors. I guess you could try it and see what happens.

    We're always an experiment in progress!


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  11. thecatswhiskers

    thecatswhiskers New Member

    Thank you SO much for telling us about the Virastop, am really greatful. I read that it contains Nattokinase, so yep, that's a great thing too. Seems great all round.

    Will definitely keep you posted how I go on it (I ordered it yesterday). Had some news today which has put the cat amongst the pigeons rather. I had a CD57 for Lyme (after 3 different test previously that all came back as indeterminate) .... The CD57 is very low though so it seems I very probably have Lyme too. Pretty devastated by the news at the moment (tho it explains alot of my 22 years of I'll health from age 17). Just hoped it was clear though, and it was mainly EBV that was my enemy.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I find it fascinating that anyone would put together the whole viral infection and excess fibrin thing and come up with something to address them both in one product.

    The TF's I took were under the old system of naming them, so you might have to check to see which new ones you would need. I took the Immune Factor C which targeted Lyme, Chlamydia, CMV, EBV, and the B strain of HHV-6. I also took TF System 200 because it targeted both the A and B strains of HHV-6, along with CMV. I got the TF's here from PH.

    I also got my Nattokinase here. It is 200 mgs. with 400 int'l units of vitamin E. My experience with the Nattokinase was much different from that of the Heparin. It may be because the Heparin was used after years of chronic infections and there may have been quite a buildup of fibrin. I Nattokinase is something I recently got because of the infections I've had in the last 1 1/2 years. I have not had drastic immune reactions from the Nattokinase, just slight swelling of the lymph nodes, signaling my body is ridding itself of something. I used to bleed and bruise easily, likely because of trapped platelets. I haven't had that problem since the Heparin. Using the Nattokinase is more like trying to ensure that I don't get excess fibrin buildup again.

    The research I did all pointed to Nattokinase and vitamin E as being even more efficient than the Heparin or Lovenox.

    Love, Mikie

  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Okay, cool, thecatswhiskers! I'm sorry to hear about your low CD57 count. Mine is low, too. I don't have typical Lyme symptoms and have had several negative Lyme tests too. I'm taking colloidal silver to hopefully address any small smoldering Lyme infection I might have. I hope you find some relief for your situation.

    Hi Mikie! The thing is that Nattokinase and its cousins are all types of proteolytic enzymes, which also happen to kill viruses. Fibrin is made of protein, and viruses have protein shells. The good thing about Virastop is that it is a blend of carefully selected enzymes that are really good at getting viruses. Out of the hundreds of different kinds of protein-digesting ezymes, they found what they think are the best ones.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I really appreciate that info. I have gotten at least as much help from nontraditional products as I have from traditional medicine. I think my healing can be attributed to combining them both in a sensible treatment plan.

    Again, thank you for your explanation of how this product works. Is Virastop sold here or OTC elsewhere?

    Love, Mikie
  15. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi Mikie,

    It looks like they don't sell Virastop here at PH. I buy it at my local independent health food stores or at whole foods.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I appreciate your response. I'll look for it. Our wonderful big healthfood store closed its doors. I think they just tried to grow too much too fast and then, along came the troubled economy.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I am having a fairly mild Herx-like response to the Natto right now. I've noticed feeling tired and headachy. Then came the swollen lymph nodes and, finally, profuse sweating and diarrhea. It'll likely be gone by tomorrow. That it was so mild says to me that there hasn't been significant fibrin buildup despite the infections I've dealt with the last couple of years. That they were addressed may account for it. I think it's the chronic infections which go on for years which cause the excess fibrin.

    Love, Mikie