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  1. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    The fund raising for the CFS Ad campaign has received over $1,000.

    Thank you all for your support. We are doing a lot of work behind the scenes now. Check out our cause page:

  2. puggles

    puggles New Member

    Over 800 members and $1,400 in donations. BUT! This campaign needs more than $1,400 to get the job done.

    Please donate now!!!! the WPI and other researchers will benefit from this.
    Please donate anything you can. My husband and I do NOT have extra money but we lived/worked in Washington DC for 25 years (me) and 35 plus years (Him) and we KNOW how it really works (or doesn't work) in Washington.

    Remember, what goes on in Washington affects everyone in the US. We can educate the people at SSA so that they understand CFIDS and the rulings on CFIDS so YOU do not have to lay on the floor and cry - like I did in public at SSA. Yes, I cried in public at SSA. Apparently not unusual since my best friend did the same thing and they moved her to the back since she was so mixed up she could NOT remember her home address and just kept crying and crying - and she is not a crier but a super strong woman!!! Oh, and I am not a crier but it was too much for me and the SSA people did not even KNOW their own rulings on CFIDS. I had a copy and gave it to them to read. Yes, it is that bad and it has not gotten better. We need public, very PUBLIC attention to CFIDS, access to health care, diagnoses, treatments, respect, understanding of the SSA, and so on. Aren't you guys sick to death of this disease and the treatment you have gottten - nasty, demeaning comments but no helpful treatments?????


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