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    My 40 year old son tested positive on thursday for lyme. He did not believe me and would not get tested so I ordered the kit from Igenex gave him the requisition form and instructions to give to the lab and then sent off the samples to Igenex.

    I have to tell you this took weeks and weeks to get him to do it.

    results were:

    igenex igm positive
    cdc positive
    23-25 +
    31 +
    34 Ind
    39 ind
    41 ++
    58 +


    31 +++
    34 ind
    41 ind

    Henslie 1:80

    But this whole situation has made me so ill. I told him to get his doctor to refer him to the one I will be seeing and although I have talked endlessly about the controversy he came away from the appointment with the doc saying he would treat him.

    I told him once he looked into it he would not treat him and next day when he went to see doc the doc had sent his results to infectious desease (cant think of spelling). I know they are introducing mandatory notification of lyme but I thought it started June 1st, the doctor had no right to send off his information.

    What has really unglued me is that my son then called me for the name of my doctor as he was going to ask for a referral from his doctor. I told him no way i was not going to risk losing my doc.

    So now he is pretty made and we have not spoken for a few days.

    Hi Nannie:

    Computer died and have been really sick but will post again in morning. Glad to see this board so busy, what happened? Glad you seem to be doing quite well

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    Hi maps,

    So sorry to hear about your son. Wow, there sure isn't any doubt about his results!

    My 29 yr old daughter has it too, but hasn't started treatment.

    Your son should read this article that I posted about the lyme controvery....2 points of view...
    here's the link.....

    Try to get him to post on's medical questions board. Tell him the people there will be able to advise him.

    Sorry that you have been so sick. I am doing ok. I just keep waiting for improvement in pain...although my sleep has improved, so that is fantastic.

    I truly do think it takes about 2 yrs or more of intensive treatment to get better.

    More people have been coming to the lyme board as they find out they have lyme or are interested in getting tested.

    I have been able to post some info from time to time on the FM/CFS board without too much trouble.

    Once in awhile another person who had the typical FMS or CFS diagnosis for years will start reading and questioning the cause of their illness and finally get an Igenex test.

    All we can do is keep trying to get the word out there, right?

    Hope you feel better soon.
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