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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Eva2005, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Eva2005

    Eva2005 New Member

    This is what I miss the most. She is here visiting now and I just wish I could be with be anytime I wanted.
  2. Eva2005

    Eva2005 New Member

    She is here, but since I have been having these neurological problems, my parents have been helping out my daughter, they're only 20 minutes away. I was told that I could not be with her alone because they were afraid that I was having TIA's and She is so young. The last couple of days I Have seen her for a hour or two with friends here. She was here earlier. I can really see her growing up. She just started daycare and she loves it. All the other kids. I asked her if she had a friend, and what their name was. She said yes. KID. She is just learning everyone's name. We got a good laugh out of it. She makes me feel good inside. I love being a gammy.
  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    She is a lovely little girl, I can see why you are so proud of her!

    By the way, that is one beautiful sofa she is sitting on! I am a fanatic for that type of furniture, could not help but notice it.......

    I hope you get to see her often, she must be a sweetie.

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. Eva2005

    Eva2005 New Member

    I went in for the MRI, next morning I woke up with a bloodshot left eye, went to the ER their equipment for eye exam was not working in room so they sent me home and told me it looked like an allergic reaction to something. Remember the contrast with the MRI, Well, I was sent by my eye doctor back to the ER that nite so they could take eye pressures. I was immediately sent to the 7th floor of the hospital where the on call eye doctor was. He examined and said the same thing an allergic reaction to something. On the 4th I was supposed to get MRI results. My head was pounding so bad the doctor said she did not want to give results till she spoke with my Neurologist. She did tell me that there was little change since the last time. But that was all she was going to say. Woke up yesterday and I felt like I had just had a spinal tap. I could not move my head it was pounding so bad. And I felt like I was burning from the inside out. Well I guess I have become allergic to the contrast from the MRI's now so they have refused to use it on me ever again. Every person I was seen by I had told them about being allergic to iodine dyes and they kept telling me that it contained no iodine well I guess I am becoming more sensitive and they are now confirming it. I just know I have been hurting so bad that I was using the darvacet and sleeping with a cold wet cloth and no sound in the house. Whew, I feel much better today she will go over the results in a couple of weeks. She also informed me that she will be sending a letter with me for the Judge. Confirming that I am not well enough to continue working or attending vocational rehabilitation. Well I hope that helps. Sorry so long it has been one heck of a week...The Couch was my mothers I love it too. I would like to someday find the matching chair.....She threw out the chair but still uses the ottoman..
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  5. browneyelady48

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    I know exactly what you mean about loving her so dearly. I have 6 little ones and they are ALL my life. 3 live close by and one is 6 hours away and 2 are 20 hours away. It breaks by heart that 2 are soooooo far. One is 3 months old that is 20 hours away.

    Do they know why you are having the TIA? I had them for about 8 years. Pretty scary uhh. I havent had one now for about 41/2 years. Mine was from silicone breast implants.

    Love Brenda
  6. Rosiebud

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    you are very lucky having a grandaughter but I'm sorry you're feeling so ill.

    My daughter has had lots of problems with pregnancies but they've found out reason so hopefully she'll have the baby she's longing for next year.

    I know what you mean about your wee grandaughter being with you when you want, I know I wont be able to care for mine when he/she comes along, not like I would like to anyway. But as long as they're healthy and happy.

    She is a definite little sweetheart.

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  7. Eva2005

    Eva2005 New Member

    Up late tonite... Granddaughter asleep on sofa. My PCP has scheduled an appointment with my ENT Specialist. I had gone almost deaf in the left ear. I was getting sick to my stomach. I am dominant on left side so the left eye was working but no sound on the left ear. When I answered the phone I could not hear anyone. So It was confusing my brain that my left ear was not working right. Brain was trying to compensate for the loss. I was in an awful shape for a couple of days. This could be due to the Auto-Immune Problem. My Vertigo has been getting stirred up again. My PCP will not discuss anything right now with me. I think she knows something that is showing up and is working on a better Diagnosis before my hearing on the 11th of October. The TIA's Run in the family. MY sisters,and mother have passed plaque. They go blind in an eye and go to ER. Thinners are then administered. I have a PCP, after sister died last year at 50 from stoke, who has chosen to keep me on Coumadin. I am thankful for her decision. I am getting used to them now. It is just that Coumadin has to be monitored and It sometimes can be a real pain having to find someway to the office for the blood drawls. Just thought I would keep in touch with everyone. I have hands shaking now so I better get off here. I have been reading daily about everyones effort to help other members with their problems that is so wonderful. It makes me proud to be on this message board. Also just wanted to say that I am reading the posts for prayers. I am doing a lot of Praying every day for all of you. God Bless You all. Will try to keep in touch every once in awhile. Love Eva

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