Addendum: I also have a very sore tongue, but no obvious sores. Help?

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    I forgot to add. My tongue is so sore, you wouldn't believe it. I see no pustules, no canker sores or fever blisters. Sometimes it's a bright red. Most people wouldn't think a sore tongue would be a big problem, but hey, when you break a toe, it hurts like heck, and a tongue is a lot bigger than a toe. My tongue burns (it feels similar to when you scald your tongue with a hot food), and sometimes it feels numb. It also feels swollen. The sides of the tongues feel sore the way a canker sore would feel, but there aren't any sores. It has been going on for months. I've tried swishing probiotics around in my mouth and putting Vit. E on my tongue. Both help, but only temporarily. Sometimes the soreness extends to the roof of my mouth. Now could all this be due to the iron deficiency I mentioned (see previous), or is it something else? Oh, and I'm not going to write a third post, so here goes: I'm horribly constipated. I occasionally use glycerin enemas (those little weeny enemas you can get at the drugstore). Otherwise, I don't go at all. I don't use the enemas enough to be dependent on them. This is really gross, but I have to use gloves and pull the stools out (talk about pebbles!). I have no urge to go at all. I'm going to start using Miralax, 'cause that's the only option left to me.
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    it can definitely be caused by iron deficiency. my tongue would be swollen and i also craved ice like crazy and was always chomping on it, u have that problem?

    i have chronic const. also, and my gyno told me to take a stool softener with stimulant every nite. So, that's what i've done since june, and it does help.


    i would definitely get all this checked out soon!!!!
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    Did you know that hormone fluctuation in perimenopause can cause your tongue to be very sore and red? It's happened to me some these past few years since I'm been in perimeno.

    There's a thread about this on the Message Board at

    Eventually this condition just clears up on its own. I put some powdered Alum on the tip of my tongue when it was at its worst and it seemed to help. You have to keep your tongue out of your mouth while the Alum sits on it.

    Perimeno can also cause major GI probs including constipation.
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