Adderall for HEADACHES?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by UPK5, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. UPK5

    UPK5 New Member

    Hi Friends,

    I have been suffering with excruiating painful headaches. I noticed when I take an Adderall (a stimulant, mainly prescribed for ADD) I feel some relief. Has anyone else tried this type of medication for their headaches? I am curious to know if this has worked for others?

    Thanks again, for your support, ideas and feedback.

  2. Yucca13

    Yucca13 Member

    I have a prescription for Adderall, 5 mg. I've had some pretty bad headaches lately - in back of my eyes mostly. It is interesting that you mentioned that you wonder if the Adderall is helping with the headaches. I usually have been taking it when I go out and need the energy to get done what I need to do. In looking back, I don't seem to have the headaches after taking it.

    I'll have to experiment some more and see if it is helpful. It sure would be nice if we could relie on it to help them.
  3. UPK5

    UPK5 New Member

    Hi Val,

    Even though the Adderall was not prescribed for my headaches, I too have noticed that it seems to be helping me. I spoke to my sil about it and she is very knowledgeable about medication, and what kinds of ailments they can help. She too, has suffered with terrible headaches (she doesn't have FMS) and she has been taking Imitrex which seems to help her. She told me, it makes sense that Adderall would help because it helps the constricting blood vessels dilate.
    Actually last night I was so concerned about going to bed with a massive headache and waking up with one, as I have been doing... I decided to take an Adderall before my regular bedtime. My head, again, felt better. I did stay up until 1:30, cause I was NOT in pain, and kept busy doing stuff. However, I was able to fall asleep once I decided it was WAY passed my bedtime.
    My head pain is also behind my eyes, near my temples, and on both sides at the back of my head close to the bottom, near my head. These are NOT my typical sinus pain areas.
    Curious to find out if others have experienced help with the Adderall, with or without their doctor's recommendation.
    Val, glad it has helped you also. Maybe, we are ON to something here!!!
    Hoping you are reading this message without a headache! :)
  4. Yucca13

    Yucca13 Member

    I took an Adderall about 6:00 last night because I had had a headache all day. Within an hour I felt better and actually stayed up until 10:00 (usually I'm out by 8-8:30). At 5 mg. each, I guess I'm not abusing them. The doctor prescribed one 3 x day, but I have never taken that many. He prescribes them to counteract the drowsiness of pain medication. I wasn't able to afford them before the new medicare drug coverage - they now cover them for which I am grateful

    That is interesting about it's ability to help open the blood vessels. I've often wondered if that is my main problem although living in a desert with lots of strange weeds contributes. It is winter though and we have had freezes, so theoretically the pollen count should be low now.

    When you have a chance, will you post about your experience with Yoga. I am so very stiff and wondered if you were and if it was hard to get started? Did you go to a Yoga center?
  5. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    Thats interesting. My son is on it (for ADD. He takes 20 mg a day. Has been taking it for 6 years now. And, yes, I have notice that he really hasn't had that many headaches.
  6. Mystic57

    Mystic57 New Member

    Canada pulled Adderall off the shelves because it causes strokes and heart problems. My son has ADHD and I even pulled him (well actually his doctor did when I told her about this and switched him to another drug). If you are not ADD (which I didn't see mentioned that you were nor that you were under doctors recommendation )and want to try something that is not so dangerous try "White Willow bark with Feverfew" or a migraine formula you can get it at any healthfood store. The willow bark works great and is for migraines, I get painful headaches myself on top of the muscule pain in my legs and it helps ease some of the pain so my body can heal itself. Headaches are the body's way of telling you that something is wrong (you're too stressed, too tense, eating something wrong or are coming down with something). You might also keep a log on what you are doing or have ate just before you get your headaches. You may be doing something or you are allergic to something (i.e. sugar, MSG, etc.). But please stop taking the Aderall unless you are under doctors care for ADD and even then use caution because doctors (unless they are very well trained in this condition) are doing more guessing then not. I research everything my doctor gives me and if they are worth anything they will tell you to do just that before taking anything. And taking something just because it works for another can sometimes cause more harm then good later on. Just a word of caution in this I would like to see healing instead of harm.
  7. UPK5

    UPK5 New Member

    Dear Mystic,
    I have a prescription for Adderall from a psychiatrist. My son absolutely has ADHD. I may have it without the hyperactivity. Many times I start one thing, then get distracted by another thing and get involved with project number two. I am NOT sure if the Adderall has ever helped me stay focused. I did notice recently that it helped these "newly acquired" headaches.
    I didn't hear about the side effects that you had mentioned. My son has been taking the Adderall for many years, and it has made a tremendous difference in his life and thus the domino effect takes place, and the whole family benefits. He is able to focus and function. If he forgets to take it, his behavior is quite bizzare and noticeable.
    I do need to speak to a doctor and find out WHY I am having these painful headaches.
    I called my internist and asked if he could recommend a neurologist. My ENT had strongly suggested I have a neuro. eval. The internist's secretary called back and said, the doctor wants to see me first, before he would recommend a specialist. I was going to call back today, but after working for a few hours I couldn't wait to lie down and rest my head, back and aching body. I called at 5:00 PM and the office was closed. I thought they might be open a little later.
    I hope I can reach the doctor tomorrow.
    Thanks for your warning.
  8. devjes12

    devjes12 New Member

    I have suffered from Migraines most of my life, Cluster Migraines. Someone told me last year that Adderall can cause headaches. Others said it helped. I talked to my Doctor and he seemed to agree that it can if you don't keep yourself hydrated. Adderall hypes you up so you seem to focus and forget to sometimes eat or drink so you must remember to stay hydrated at all times. I only take half of an adderall if I feel my headache coming on and start drinking my water and within 30 minutes , NO HEADACHE... I have been on everything on the market for my headaches, but Adderall helps the most and I only take a half of the lowest dose. I'm saying we are all different , but it does help me.. Very Thankful for that.. Stay hydrated..
  9. devjes12

    devjes12 New Member

    It helps me ........<BR>
  10. swimgirl57

    swimgirl57 New Member

    I, too, have found - by accident - that adderall helped with my headaches! I took half of my daughter's adderall (guilty!) because I just was feeling so lethargic and for once in my life I didn't wake up with a headache! I asked my neurologist about this and he said that it shouldn't help with headaches, so he prescribed me an anti-depressant. Hasn't helped yet. I am 54 years old and know i shouldn't be taking something without a prescription but if I only take about a quarter of a 30 mg capsule, it seems to do the trick, and shouldn't hurt me, right? I have read that a lot of people have found that it stopped them from having headaches. We may be on to something here... ?
  11. fromage3

    fromage3 New Member

    swimgirl what kind of headache did your neurologist diagnose you with? i have something called new daily persisitant headaches and am thinking of trying the adderall trick so i can wake up without one at some point too.

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