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  1. springlakeorphan

    springlakeorphan New Member

    Just wondering if any CFS sufferiers take Adderal for fatigue? I've read the side affects and am a little concerned. Does it help with the concentration and constant tired feeling? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks much! Mary
  2. kat2002

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    Well, I have FMS, but I can say that the Adderall does help me with fatigue. The best thing about it is it allows me to focus and concentrate. Otherwise I would not be able to work at all.

    I do have to be careful about not taking it late in the day, because it will then keep me awake all night. Otherwise, I have had good experience with it.

    Hope this helps,
  3. Steinem

    Steinem New Member

    There's an entire website of a community of people with CFS and FM who have had great success with stims. Personally, I went into full remission for several years using the generic short-acting Adderall.

    Suddenly I could think and do whatever I wanted and I didn't ever crash, no matter how hard I pushed myself. It was a miracle for me, but unfortunately, it ended. Stimulants have a tendency to quit working for 'some' people after time and I was one of the unlucky ones.

    I had been sick for 30 years when I started Adderall and from one day to the next I was living a normal life - I even went back to work as a journalist...but after several terrific years, Adderall no longer worked for me and I went back to my CFS life - housebound and unable to do even the simplest things.

    Although it was unbelievably effective for my fatigue, I took it initially for brainfog, memory problems and inability to concentrate, for which it worked very well. All brain tests I took after the Adderall showed an improvement in IQ as well as other brain functions.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  4. springlakeorphan

    springlakeorphan New Member

    Thank you all so much for the input. Today was my first day and I actually got alot accomplished! Hopefully, I won't need the adderall on a daily basis. I don't want it to stop working. Good luck to you all and hugs! Thanks again! Mary
  5. I have provigil right now, (200mg) and I don't take it everyday....hardly ever really, because, all it has done for me, is--it keeps my EYES OPEN...that is IT. Which...*shrug* I guess* helps...I can sit & stare at the computer longer, so that I *Do* sometimes sleep better at night, if I take it..

    But, I get terrible side effects from it, such as tension headaches (base of the skull) but, can hurt my entire head and usually does, eventually effect the entire head, just starts at the first....I ran to the bathroom every time I ate or drank something...That passed..

    But, I get nauseated on it, and it's worse the next day (off) of it...

    I don't take it much at all, because, it really doesn't do anything *but* keep my eyes open, sometimes, that's not a good thing, because, I would NOT be safe driving, etc..I'm basically asleep with my eyes better focus, cognitive function, etc

    But, that's what it says, really, is that it will not cure fatigue or brain fog, just kinda keeps you awake..

    I took it everyday at *first* but on the 4th day, I had such SEVERE abdominal pain, I was worried something was wrong with my pancreas. It took almost FIVE days off it, to stop. I found out via the net, abdominal pain IS a side effect..I just had to look at several sites

    I'm thinking my doc will not rx adderall, or strattera, ritalin, etc due to my tachycardia, which Provigil does not seem to really affect..

    I'm really bummed this med didn't work, I had hoped for yrs but never brought it up, to try this med, and my pain doc decided to, to help try & get a sleep cycle going. But, I quit Lunesta, doesn't work either...and rarely take provigil, for the same reason, & the side effects. Right now, also, it's been samples given, no idea the cost..

    Jill--WOW! I'm so sorry! that you had such a "tease" like that, but, at least you had a few wonderful, functional years, but, I think that would twist the DD Knife even worse, in a way....yankin' the rug out from under ya..

    So sorry. I know I would have been devastated...

    We keep on truckin' though, I guess...

    I have FMS/CFS & dx'd with MS also (shady dx, kinda) and wishing you much luck on the's awesome you can be functional again! I'm happy for you! Hope it will not wear out quick on ya.

    Meds realllllly seem to either *not* work, or quit on me, very veryyy quickly. It's a bummer, but, I'm searching like mad, for mostly natural ways, because I'm running out of choices..

    Take care all, Hugs,
  6. sagallagherwarden

    sagallagherwarden New Member

    Hi Springlakeorphan,

    I just began 5 mg's 2X per day of Adderall, after having CFIDS/FM for 15 years. Had to retire early. Are you currently taking? Is it helping with fatigue and how long have you been taking it, if you are? I'm praying it works!!!!


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