Addiction to Pain Meds

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    I could sure use some advice about pain meds. My MD perscribed Percoset for me but I'm only suppose to take it when all else fails. Well lately all else is failing. I hurt and ache so bad at night I can't stay asleep. I wake up feeling like I'm lying on a concrete slab. So I toss and turn until I finally just give up and get up. My Md put me on 40mg of Celexa and also 100mg of Trazadone to help me sleep and help with the anxiety and after I take it I don't have any problem going to sleep but I can't stay asleep because of the pain. He refered me to a Rhuematologist who said "yep, you've got FM" and started me on Neurontin which is supposedly to help with the pain and I guess I do ok during the day but at night I'm miserable. Anyway sorry to be so long but here's the gist of it. I just can't take not sleeping any longer so I've started taking 1 Percoset at night before I go to bed and (sorry to be stupid) but is that enough for me to become addicted? I hate to be so weird about it but I had an aunt who became addicted to pain meds way back when I was a small child and I remember how horrible it was for her and the family. I remember she dissapeared for about a month and of course I now know that she had been in re-hab. Anyway, advice please. Thanks and hugs to all.
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    You are managing pain. I don't like drugs but what else are you doing to do?

    YOu have to first work on your sleep pattern, that is the key to all.

    Then your depression, if you have any.

    Then pain. The type of meds you can take for pain depends on what you take for sleep and depression.

    You need to do what makes you feel better and manage your pain.

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    any time you take even a small amount of narcotic on a regular basis your body will be come dependant on it. Trazadone is also an addicting substance.

    There is a difference between physically dependant and addicted. Physical dependence happens with a lot of medications, not just narcotics, as your body's way of adjusting to having it in your syystem. Addicted usually referrs to someone who will take enough of the substance at one time to get the high (which accompanies it in high doses)to escape reality. This definition usually includes the willingness to sacrifice almost anything to achieve that high. That's the part which messes up everyone elses' lives.

    I have a question for you.... If you need it to sleep, because sleep deprivation causes such disasterous results, then your medication becomes a mandatory addition at bedtime. Does it matter if those around you percieve you as being addicted? I had to make that choice too, And the pain relief won out over everything else.

    I am responsable when I take the darvocet, though, and do not drive while taking it, etc, so other people are protected.

    I too have more pain when I lay down and try to relax my body to fall asleep. I will often wake up from the pain when the pain med runs out. I often have to take the darvocet in the daytime, especially if the weather is bad. I fought the idea of taking it for a long time. What I found is that I had more side effects from the "non narcotic" meds than from the darvocet. And the nsaids ruined my stomach as well, now I have to take very powerful anti acid meds.

    If I just let the pain go untreated I have more trouble concentrating and focusing my attention; my mind slows down; and I am a real bear to be around without realizing it. If I take the darvocet then it seems my mind is not as slow. I even function better at work, (data entry in a call center) if I medicate the pain.

    All this was news to me. I went the long way around trying all the "non narcotic" alternatives first, and finally found that darvocet helps more than most.

    Hope this long explaination helps.

    hugs from Cat
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    They are much more informed when it comes to addiction issues and they understand our kind of pain and the treatment options.

    Love, Mikie
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    but I agree with Mikie. Talk to a professional, and they will give you the words you need.

    I do believe that you are being very cautious, and taking one pill at bedtime, seems quite reasonable to me.

    I take Oxycontin twice a day for the unbearable pain, and I can now do things with my children that I had been longing to do.
    Yes I am probably dependant, and I could not just stop taking this medicine, but addicted no. I take the medicine as perscribed, see my doctor once a month, and I feel better than I have felt in years. (I have had FMS for 5 yrs.)
    So if your doctor has perscribed this medicine for pain relief, I think you should be comfortable in life and not suffer all the time.
    GoOD Luck, and God Bless you,
  6. Mikie

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    I wish all our members had access to professionals like you. Unfortunately, well-informed, caring medical professionals like you are still the exception rather than the rule. That is why I usually recommend pain specialists. At least, most of them understand that taking opiods does not equal addiction.

    My own PCP was horrified, as was my rheumy, when I started taking Morphine to alleviate my unbearable pain. Well, guess what--I am doing better than any of their other patients with these illnesses because the Morphine allowed me to find other treatments which helped with the pain. Now, as you know, I no longer usually require anything for pain. My new specialist is great and believes in relieving pain and is not afraid of prescribing appropriate meds. He told me he often uses me as an example when speaking about our illnesses and what can be accomplished.

    Treating pain in the beginning can only help a person to get better faster. Once our pain is relieved, it is up to us to try to find additional treatments so that we are not dependent solely on pain meds to treat our pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    Excellent. I hope my printer gets in gear as I am going to print this out.

    I, like one above, was "found unconscious" on my bed. My family prior to the above turned their head as far as my ailments, one of which is a horrid condition. The day before my sleep lab results showed, an 11, so appropriate O2, C-Pap was obtained, and due to the edging in of pain, I have been on lortab 10/500 for over a year, so he chose this as a time to hop on over to morphine, as he said he saw that day was soon coming last time I was in; well

    The EMS treated me like a dope addict and threatened me with jail...blah, blah, blah. Medic alert on my wrist and R2O2 et al. by my bed, but they saw none of this and my family, excepting my son, did not know the specifics of what I had, only one demonic daughter hit the fan when she learned I had been placed on morphine.

    Well, hello addiction. BS!!

    After being treated worse than a rag doll I finally got out of the hospital, while my "beloved" daughter went behind my back to MY doc trying to get me committed as a drug addict!

    Well, once law and order was restored my doc and I had a real laugh at the absurdity of my family to go to bits over taking serious pain meds and anti-anxiety meds!! He could not get over anyone not understanding the pain of collagen entraping nerves in a spine with stenosis! Like a 53 year old was going to ground it up and shoot up!

    I now leave orders. I carry a bag with my life inside together with orders for most events that could happen. I got a criminal trepass against the eldest daughter & her hubby as they had removed half of my house to the road or garage!! After all the work I had been doing to restore order here!

    I have straightened my family out. I told them there may be meds they won't find in the "Pill Book" before this thing is over....then with the ruling in Oregan, this local hospital (you old-timers know the h*ll I've raised up there)
    now has to administer pain meds ala the pain scale!

    To the dear one who posted have a pain disease. If you don't tend to the pain now should any other ailments spring up, things could get so gumbled up, you won't know where it hurts. I always seem to learn the hard way and it was my psychiatrist of 8-years who finally, after seeing me delve into a major depression due to excessive pain and only taking ultram ordered me to get something for my pain and that she could not help me until that pain was under control.

    With Patient Rights, the Oregon Ruling and knowing what to say, you should be able to conquor your present problems. My friend who has FMS, and a host of other problems had a toe amputation Monday. The nurse told her that when a patient presents with FMS it is given an automatic 3 on the chronic pain scale. If you present with FMS AND are in a flare or have some other problem resulted in increased pain, you then designate another level and you will promptly be given pain relief. What a comfort! CactusLil'
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    I'm trying to go off of Oxy- The PAIN - Thanks for confirming that it's OK for me to be on this. I know I'm not alone but feel it sometimes.
    Going to lay down again.
    L&H- Selma
  9. selma

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    I'm trying to go off of Oxy- The PAIN - Thanks for confirming that it's OK for me to be on this. I know I'm not alone but feel it sometimes.
    Going to lay down again.
    L&H- Selma
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    One percoset? That certainly would not work for me. I think I can say you can should two percosets before going to bed since you are in so much pain at night. I take Lortab and have been for years at 4, 10 mg tabletsa day taking two at a time, and I'm nowhere near being addicted. I know this because I sometimes go for a week or longer without taking anything and feel fine. Don't worry about addiction. Just think about getting some relief from the pain and take your medication. Toots
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    Not to offend anyone, but trazadone is not an addicting substance. It is an antidepressant commonly used for sleep. It is what I take and sleep very well. My dr. prescribes it because it IS non-addicting. I hope it is helping you sleep too. My dr. also says with opiods you can take them with most any other medication for sleep and antidepressants too. Hope you are feeling better soon. Toots