Addison's Disease

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rwc147, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. rwc147

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    I have had Addison's disease for over 20 years now and am now at the point where the fatigue is now getting the better of me. Is there anyone else out there with Addison's?
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  3. 57Wagon

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    I too was tested for it but don't have it
  4. maris

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    My husband was thought to have Addison's but has adrenal hypoplasia, which is very similar.

    He takes Cortef and Fludrocortisone daily. I'm not sure of the dosing, but probably like you, he cannot live without it.

    I have observed that he does well if I make hime a protein shake in the morning using soy milk, frozen organic blueberries, and whey protein powder.
    I also make sure he take a multi-vitamin every day.

    These are things that have worked for us to help support his immune system.
    He gets colds easily and fatigue can be a problem, so he naps almost daily.

    I think nutrition, medications, and rest are the keys to fighting the fatigue.

    Are you a member of the Addison's Disease Newsletter?
    I think it is published every other month.

    I hope you find an answer to your fatigue issues and feel better.
    Take Care,

  5. nleer

    nleer Member

    I have had Addison's for about the last 10 years.

    It is due to long term use of prednisone and High stress which didn't help the situation.

    I now take cortef and it also helps with the aldosterone as well.

    I find that it hasn't just affected my adrenal's, it is the HPA Axis as a whole (hypothalmus, pituitary, adrenal axis).

    You Should support each gland because they all work together.

    It is difficult to treat just one and expect results.

    Do you have an alternative doctor?

    I take Cortef, Armour Thyroid, and replacing hormone that the pituitary produces.

    My doctor tests me often to make sure my levels are ok.

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