additional fatigue. too many supplements?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by HagerTX, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. HagerTX

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    I've kept a detailed medical diary on a spreadsheet for 4 years now. I write down all my symptoms (within reason) all the foods I eat and supplements/meds. It's been incredibly valuable to notice side effects from meds and foods that cause varying degrees of trouble.

    One thing I've noticed is if I take several vitamin/mineral supplements each day, I'm much more tired. Not in a sick way but I'll just be more apt to nap and somewhat more lethargic. Within a day or two of cutting back or quitting the vitamins, my energy level will perk up. Anyone else exprience this? If so, any speculation on why this would occur?

  2. spiritsky

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    It depends on what your taking. Are you taking large amounts of Calcium for instance? Calcium in large amounts depresses thyroid function. Something seems out of balance for you and I would get yourself a hair mineral analysis done to find out what minerals your overloading on or deficient in. I get mine done by SANASCAN. It's not too expensive and it comes back with a comprehensive report.

    good luck...
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    GOOD POST---


  4. HagerTX

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    I honestly don't know why this is.

    I've taken all kinds of different combos, brands and dosages of vitamins and minerals in years past. Even the supposed top notch ultra hypoallergenic ones recommended and sold to me by a nutritrionist/homeopathic doctor zonked me out.

    Right now I'm taking ~4g of Potaba (PABA) as a prescription, 400mg Plaquenil, 400iu Vit E 3xday. 300mg CoQ10. Either way it's not really an ill feeling but just a noticeable tiredness. I'll probably back off on some of it and see how that works. Thanks for the feedback.
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    What is your take on Wolfberry juice or supplement, is it better than black cherry or pomegranite?

    Anne C
  6. Sbilek

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    Same thing happened with me when I was put on a ton of supplements, then when I started with a different nutritionist who used Standard Process, he exlained that the majority of supplements are artificially processed and it just may be too much for some people's liver and kidney, thus affecting the adrenal glands.

    I felt better after starting on the Standard Process, which are whole food supplements, but then when he switched me to a different one, same thing happened, but I assume it was a detoxing effect, and again, just put too much load on my kidney and liver.

    I don't take too many supplements now, try to get most of my supplementation from natural foods, do take extra minerals, though, and supplement occasionally if I'm having a particular problem.

  7. TwinMa

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    Could you elaborate on your detailed medical diary? It sounds wonderful! I have many lists of what I am taking, how I reacted to supplements/meds, and even a daily log, but I'm not happy with my system. It's hard to coordinate all components.

    Do you use Excel? What kind of headings do you use? Is it all one big spreadsheet? It sounds like you are able to track symptoms, foods and supplements in the same spreadsheet. Is that correct?

    If you could give more details on your system, I would truly appreciate it! I need a new one! Thanks!!!

    As far as the question you posed, I don't have a major problem with supplements. However, I recently started taking Ultimate Greens (green food supplement) in place of my mega multi-vitamin. It does seem easier on my system.

    I would say "listen to your body" and ditch the supplements that are a problem. I agree with the poster who said maybe a filler is a problem.
  8. LittleBluestem

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    Allergy to the supplemented substance itself or something else (filler, color, coating) could cause fatigue.
  9. Sbilek

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    Wamps, just curious what your blood type is. Juicing is good, just takes so much time.

    But it's good for your system as your stomach, etc., does not have to do too much for the digestion, and just easier to assimilate the good stuff, too.

    Was curious as to what blood type you have, though, as some people, I think, just do not do well on a total veggie/fruit diet. Just curious.

    I do love juicing though and feel great doing an occasional juice, but just can't do it full time.

  10. Sbilek

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    Wamps, tx for responding re blood type. Was just curious, glad you are not doing a total juice diet.

    Hope you are doing well, too.

  11. TwinMa

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    I didn't see this until just now! I should know to do a search on my name every day, but I didn't for the past couple of days!

    If you could send me a sample of your spreadsheet, that would be awesome! I'll email you. You might want to delete your email from the above post, though, since it is against the rules. Don't want to break rules, right?!

    I'm forever trying to come up with a tracking system I will stick with and that will be easy to refer back to. Your system sounds like a good one! I'm excited to see it!

    Thank you so much!!!