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    I was just diagnosed with adenomyosis by my ob/gyn. I was wondering if anyone else here has had this or currently does and what they are doing for treatment. He is advising Lupron and then a hysterectomy and I am concerned as to how this will affect my fibro. I am visiting the hystersisters site, but any help from my FMily is greatly appreciated.

    I had surgery to diagnose and will be going for colonoscopy to rule out any other problems one week from thursday. A second opinion is scheduled for one week from Monday.

    Thanks to any who have advice, help, prayers, and positive thoughts to send my way.

  2. voiceteacher

    voiceteacher New Member

    for any more information and thanks!
  3. voiceteacher

    voiceteacher New Member

    one more time in case anyone can help!

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