ADH and Diabetes Insipidus

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    Could someone shed some light on this question for me, please?

    I urinate constantly. night and day. so I had the water deprivation test for diabetes insipidus.

    I had no measurable amount of ADH. But my urine concentrated and my sodium did not rise, so the doctors say I do not have diabetes insipidus. They said the ADH test was unreliable. At the end of the test, they gave me a shot of ADH and then measured a high level, reflecting what they gave me. It was pretty reliable in that case....

    So my question is, can I lack ADH and not have diabetes insipidus? How do I get ADH if the test for insipidus is the only one recognized...The endo wants me to go to a urologist and I really do not think that is the problem.
    Has anyone else had this problem?
    And can anyone recommend a CFS knowledgable endo? Or are they non existent?

  2. dragon06

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    I would go see a Urogynocologist, it sounds like your problem could be Intersistial Cystitis if there is no Diabetes found. One of the main symptoms of IC is very frequent urination. I myself have IC and now that I have begun seeing a Urogynocologist I am getting great treatment for my symptoms. Other symptoms could be pelvic pain (I origonally wrote it off to FM) and bladder pain but given the fact that you urinate that often and it is not related to Diabetes then I would definitely consult a Urogynocologist or at least a urologist if you can't get into the other and see if they think it could be IC and if they do then get tested for it cause although it is not curable there are many treatments for it and I have gotten a lot better since being diagnosed.
  3. restauranthell

    restauranthell New Member

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