ADHD Does Not Exist (the book)

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    Just heard quite the provocative interview with the author of this book, Dr. Richard Saul and Lisa Ann Walter on KFI this afternoon. Thinking back years I knew some school teacher friends who talked about having parents put their children on drugs to counteract this alleged condition. To get the children to "pay attention" in the classroom.

    Supposedly 11Million stimulant drugs were written for children last year. BTW: Lisa Walter talks about her 4 children, 3 of them boys and refuses to drug her children, and they are Lisa's mother who is a longtime school teacher, says...the boys have ants in their pants.....

    My last big job was in Admissions Dept of a private school school. I remember 2 boy children who had to come to the office for the "drugs"....I was the one who had to dispense them, this killed young boy about 10-11 was like a zombie, nice little boy, but out of it so to day we were talking and he said before he left for school he took prozac....I was shocked, but you know what....his father was an MD....

    The other young boy about the same age was very thin and his mother said he has no appetite....and she was doing all in her power NOT to give her son a drug...

    Then along comes my grandson, now 14, and quite hyper, but he loves too much sugar's a real job to keep him daughter has him in sports and he's quite a mover on the tennis and vollyball courts....but he is not drugged by a pharma drug....thank goodness. He's a straight A student, smart as a whip, but "ants in his pants" they called it many years ago.

    In the days of old, we had much smaller classes and teachers had other ways of controlling their classes....all different today. So what is pushed on these children, drugs....

    Anyway, had to put this down here as it's an epidemic out there, drugging these young kids..‎
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    What I found really wrong is that it is the teachers a lot of the time who do the diagnosing. There is something very wrong about that. I personally think that a lot of the kids that get the diagnoses, if they ate a healthy diet instead of junk food and prepackaged crap, probably wouldn't get the diagnoses in the first place. :(
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    I agree TL, children are children and the antsy boys the worst, the difference between my grandson and grandgirl are huge, she is much much calmer.....could be the boys hormones too.

    Thinking back to my days, there was junk foods and plenty of sugar stuff we ate, but nothing like today...cereals are huge with all the sugars kids consume often before heading for school....Protein breakfast is the best for them...

    Pharma had made billions pushing these drugs on the children and as you know they are a real sore spot in my things have hugely changed in our world and the longer one is alive the more one sees it all....jam
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    I totally believe in ADD/ADHD. Two of my GS have been diagnosed with it, and I believe one was misdiagnosed. The other definitely has it. It's not just the's the being unable to retain any information. Not that different from what I go through with the fibro/cfs. My GS couldn't learn 'left' from 'right'. He couldn't learn how to tie his shoes until he was nearly 9 years old. If he was told to go brush his teeth and the cat happened to walk in front of him on the way there, he'd forget what he'd been told to do because of the distraction. By the way, his doctor was also ADD, as was the doctor's on son. Thank God, because my DD felt she was a failure. This doctor taught her so much about the disorder and how to help her son, and it was without medication! These kids aren't wired the same as others, just as people with FM/CFS arent. They aren't 'bad' kids, they just can't stay focused on what they're told.

    There are definitely some kids that need to be medicated. My DD is a teacher, and had a child in her 2nd grade classroom who was out of control. He would pick up his desk and throw it at other students. As a teacher, you have to look out for the class as a whole, and as indivuals. After being medicated this child had an entirely new world....but it will take years to undo the social stigma attached with the two years before treatment.

    Jam, I do believe there are entirely too many kids medicated when parenting is the bigger part of the problem, but we can't forget that there are also legitimate cases also, and belittling this is as hurtful to these kids and their parents as belittling our illnesses is to us.
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    I just believe there are Too Many drugs that too many are drowning in and pharma continues to haul in their billions+....

    As far as FM, it's been around forever in other names like rheumatism, fibroitis and now gramdma and her generation talked about rheumatism all the time and all today's drugs weren't there back then...I take none of those drugs for fibro, advil yes, and other supps but avoid the toxicity of drugs as much as possible....

    As the doc said in his comments, many children are bi polar and some other things he mentioned.....oh dsylexic too.

    I'm just so happy my daughter didn't do any drugs for her high active son. I think too, she learned so much form all the damage done to her when she was deep in pharma drug world.... jam
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    I agree with you re: the drug treatments. I have a grandson with the diagnosis of ADHD. The doctors here darned near drugged him to death. Literally. He went from a somewhat hyper boy with a touch of OCD to a zombified angry child. I told his mother to get another doctor that wasn't "drug happy" for a second assessment. He is now on only one medication and no longer a zombie. And, I'm sure, it will be a long way down the road before we see how much over medication may have affected him.

    Funny story: I had a girlfriend years ago who had what they referred to, then, as a "hyper-active" son. She took him to the doctor, at wits end, upset because he'd poured all the fish food into the fish tank (killing the fish), and destroyed his sister's birthday cake. When they left the doctor's office she had a prescription......................not for the child, but for herself! :D

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    This is good to know, and I know you are a fan of homeopathy Dar. My grandson at 14 seems to be calming down a lot and keeping him active has been key. My daughter just about gives up so much of herself for her and vollyball are her children's sports...they both attempted musical instruments and could NOT get interested.....these are easier on the joints for sure...
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    Oh the link didn't post, just copy and paste the hellolife link in the search engine you use.....looks like a good product for both children/adults. jam

    At a point about 10 yrs back I was really into homeopathy and learned a lot but never did it for total healing....ABC Homeopathy is a good support group....they all think americans take too many drugs.

    Just like for about everything else, there are alternatives for the ADHD dx given to children today. Takes more work and seeking out maybe a holistic peditrician....
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    I so wish my daughter would do what I've begged her for the last 3 years to do. Rather than let the medico mental giants keep poisoning her son, I've begged and begged her to take him to my herbalist for testing and treatment.

    He brought me back to the land of the living and my youngest son as well. She's seen this. She watched us from the beginning of treatment get better. She's seen the results. Yet she carps about it costing too much. What is too much when it's your life or the life of your child? I gave up everything I could do without to get her brother, (my son), the help he needed and to shoulder the cost because I wanted him well. I do not get it.

    This child has been in a facility near Chicago for 3 long years of his life being drugged up, dragged through the state system, not having any of his real issues dealt with, and missing being a normal kid. He was just released back into his mother's care February 13th. He's 14 years old now and has used the term "crappy life" when referring to himself. So.............those drugs musta done wonders for him eh?

    It just makes one weep for him.............
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    So so sorry, and I'd bet your grandson could be helped alternatively, so many are so quick to do the drug world...and alternatives are out there for just about everything.... breaks my heart and as I said when I had to give that young boy the ritilin, it about killed me....he was so zombied too. The drugs are so toxic and so much not reversible, but much can be reversed with work. jam
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    Was in the company yesterday of a former NY school teacher, and she is sad about her daughter giving drugs to her grandson for this alleged ADHD....but she can control just so much as we know....the below just in today:

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