Adhesive Arachnoiditis?

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    I was wondering if anyone here has

    " Adhesive Arachnoiditis " along with there fibromyalgia?

    Or if you happen to know someone who suffers with

    Adhesive Arachnoiditis, Thanks, Tammy.

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    but it is interesting. Here is a good site for anyone who wants more information...

    It has a lot of the same symptoms as FMS doesn't it?


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    When researching, the med sites, looking for an answer to why I was hurting all the time, I came across Arachnoiditis, and thought for sure, that was what was causing my Pain.

    I had a Mylogram (sp?) where they put Dye in your spine, and then do CT's. A Nurse held my head steady so I wouldn't move, it's a tough test.

    Some times the dye, dosen't leave your system, and you can end up with this,

    I was tested for Arachnoiditis, and Thank the Good Lord, I do not have it.

    I was finally dx'd with the FMS, in Oct, 0f 2000.
    Research is great, and you learn a lot, I have pestered my Dr.s for almost 6 years now, in trying different treatments and also test's for other conditions, that have similiar Symptom's.

    So far, it's "OnlY' (said with tounge in cheek) FMS/CMPD/OA/and assorted co-conditions.

    Do you think you have this, have you seen a Dr. about this?
    We sure do have a lot of Symptoms that mimnic other Health Condition's.

    I hope you don't have this, as it is very excruiting, and it limits your Mobility, for starters.
    Good Luck to you.


    What Is Arachnoiditis?
    Arachnoiditis is a chronic, insidious condition that typically causes debilitating, back, neck and limb pain and a range of other neurological problems.

    This condition is substantially under-diagnosed and adverse drug reactions under-reported, so that the true incidence has yet to be established.

    Arachnoiditis is chronic inflammation of the arachnoid layer of the meninges, with scar tissue being deposited: this wraps around nerve roots and clumps them together, compressing them and impeding their blood supply, thus causing damage. The scar tissue impedes flow of cerebrospinal fluid within that part of the subarachnoid space.

    What Causes Arachnoiditis

    Most cases arise from medical intervention: which is termed iatrogenic.

    Mechanically-induced adhesive Arachnoiditis (MIAA): causes fairly localized damage

    Spinal surgery (especially multiple)
    Multiple lumbar punctures
    Blood in the spinal fluid (from trauma/surgery/duru puncture) (I had this happen during a Spinal Tap, and landed in bed for 3 weeks flat on my back.

    Spinal stenosis (congenital/degenerative) ( I had surgery for this on the C-7)
    Chronic disc prolapse/ degenerative disc disease
    I live with this one, no more Operations

    Chemically-induced adhesive Arachnoiditis: CIAA: causes more widespread damage
    Myelographic dyes, used in myelograms
    oil-based loke Pantopaque/Myodil
    water-based e.g. Omnipaque, Metrizamide, Conray, Dimer X, Amipaque - Not much in use now as MRI scans have superseded them.
    (This was done to me in 92, and I had a Headache from you know where.)

    Epidural steroid injections (e.g. Depo-Medrol) (I refuse any spinal Injections now because of my past experiences.

    w/neurotoxic preservatives
    Epidural anaesthesia w/neurotoxic preservatives
    Other intraspinal drugs such as amphotericin B and methotrexate (used to treat cancer)
    Chemonucleolysis with chymopapain

    Hope I didn't overload ya on info, there's a lot more, if you just google in the name , in a Search Engine.

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    bleesedmom2four & donoagin for bumping this up!

    That was very kind of you, Take care, Tammy
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    HI Bruin63 (Sharon K),

    I can't thank you enough for all that wonderful information, that was very kind of you to take all that time to post all that info it was very helpful i really apperciate it a bunch!!

    I'm glad you didn't have it, and yes there pretty sure thats what i have i'm in the process of finding out threw different tests. Take care, and thanks agian. Tammy
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    I'm sorry to read that, they think you have this.
    Please let us, me, know how the tests go, I Hope, it's something that can be Treated and help you get some Pain relief.
    GOD Bless You,