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    Does anyone taking guai lower their dose if they know they are going to have an active day that cannot be avoided and this will bring on a flare? Is it okay to lower from 1200mg to 800mg on those particular days?

    Are people that take higher dose clearing any faster? Or is everyone clearing one year for every two months know matter the dose?
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    here's a bump back to the first page... I know there's a bunch here who have taken it.

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    I don't know the answer to your first question, but can post it on the UK support board & report the answer back to you if you wish! Hope Jude or Mikie see this.

    The clearing dose is very individual & should make your symptoms tolerably worse. My dose is 1800mg but won't make me clear any faster than someone whose clearing dose is lower. Are you being mapped or keeping a symptoms diary?

    If you take much too high a dose, I think (not an expert) you may find that your kidneys cannot cope with all the phosphates released into your blood stream & you will redeposit some of them into your body cells. Your symptoms of reverse cycling might also be unbearable.

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    Dear JTyre

    Jumping around on your dose if you are fairly new to the protocol is not a good idea. If things start to not go well for you we would have no idea how to straighten it out other than to have you start all over again titrating your dose.

    Some people who have been on the protocol for a few years have tried stopping or lowering their dose while in a cycle hoping to accommodate a special occasion. This has had mixed results. For some people this worked, for others it made things worse. So this is a try at your own risk type thing.

    Your dose at which you clear is genetically predetermined. So someone taking a much higher dose than you are is not necessarily clearing faster. They just need more guai to clear.

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    Thanks. I'll just grin and bear it. Stick to my 1200mg a day.