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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PainSux, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. PainSux

    PainSux New Member

    Starting it on Monday. Anybody else tried it that followed it to a T?
  2. chloe_s_mom

    chloe_s_mom New Member

    yes, I tried it a few years ago, before FM. Found that I was ridiculously hungry. My family was happy, bec they were able to eat relatively normal food (no super duper restrictive stuff) and I found most ingredients were readily available.

    I've had a lot of success in the past with Weight Watchers, but am too freaking tired to deal with points these days, as well as weekly meetings (the online wasn't as successful for me). I did find a tendancy to use too many sugar subs and wonder about the artifical stuff and the health of my family.

    Am trying South Beach again. No counting points. No weird food.

    Let us know how you find Atkins - always interesting to hear what works!
  3. shanrg

    shanrg New Member

    I was hard-core Adkins in my early 30's (3.5 years) & I have to say it seems I felt better than ever--outside of losing 40 pounds in 5 months (I'd crept up to 25 pounds over my usual--lost that and 15 more). I still totally believe sugar is the enemy, not fat & I try not to get too crazy but, still, I've been off that wagon for years.... Have been thinking myself of going back to protein and good carbs only--veggies, some fruit, small amount of very complex grains here and there--thinking it can only help not hurt how I feel physically and even mentally. His book is so easy to read so if you do not have it, it is a must to really understand why it works/why carbs make us fat and the pitfalls (hidden carbs). :)
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  4. PainSux

    PainSux New Member

    I'm only on my fourth going into fifth day. I am finding it really easy to stick to. I had a highish protein diet previously but the protein satiates you & that's been a problem w/other diets for me. I want a lifestyle, something I can actually stick to. I am feeling a little bit better. I won't weigh until the new week for it so I don't know how I'm doing. I don't really feel as though I am losing weight. I sure hope I am. I'm journaling it all.

    Thanks again for your input.
  5. blueeyedgrl73

    blueeyedgrl73 New Member

    Every time I try it I feel horrible. They say it gets better but it doesn't for me. I do everything the book says to do also, I take vitamins, I increase my sodium, I drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest and increase my fat, it just makes me feel horrible. I'm gluten free so I avoid breads and such anyway, but I do need to work on avoiding sugar. I hope it goes well for you and you feel better :)
  6. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    About 7 years ago I started a modified Atkins diet in earnest - low carbs, and no white flour, sugar, white rice, "white" pasta etc. I do eat protein with every meal and eat fats in moderation. Also all the vegies (no white potatoes though) I want and fruit in moderation. I have lost almost 50 pounds now over those 7 years, without exercising - I can't exercise due to CFS, so losing weight has been excruciatingly slow, but steady. Before I started this protocol, I was steadily putting on weight even though I didn't eat desserts etc.

    I do eat a little bread - Ezekiel sprouted bread I buy at Trader Joe's, also some supermarkets carry it now. But of course in moderation, a few slices a week - I keep it in the freezer as it will take a number of weeks to finish it off.

    I've never tried the "pure" Atkins, so can't comment on that. But what I'm doing I can stick with and it's nutritious. Also,very important, no eating after dinner, or at most a handful of almonds if I get hungry. If I could exercise, it would have been a piece of cake (no pun intended!) but am glad I was able to get rid of this weight, no matter how slow.

    I had to buy a scale so I could see progress, or lack thereof. This was crucial. And also kept me motivated when I saw the numbers start to come down. I have about 12 pounds left to go - figure it will take a year at the rate I am losing, but what the heck.

    Good luck!


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