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  1. street129

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    on monday august 24, 2009, i will be staying in the hospital to do a sleep test, i will be taking my ambien, so i can sleep, whatever they do while im sleeping will be recorded, i hope they can find out why i cant sleep on my own.
  2. butterflydream

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    i also had a sleep test.

    Wishing you a good nights sleep and hopefully they find why you can't sleep on your own.

    Wish you well
  3. xchocoholic

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    Make sure that they look for nocturnal myoclonus (jerking when entering REM). My doc told me that the sleep tests run in hospitals are only looking for sleep apnea and miss this .. that was a few years ago so maybe things have changed. good luck ... BTW. I can't believe that they have you taking ambien for a sleep test. Seems like a waste of time ...
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